Identifying JDdeveloper Version

24 October, 2018


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Let us see how to identify the JDeveloper for the Oracle Apps Instance Version. Step 1: If we observe we will find an option called “About this Page” in OAF Page. Click on the link About this Page. The same process is shown in the below figure:four Sometimes you may not find an option called About this Page, for that you need to set one Profile Option in Oracle Apps. The name of the profile option is “Personalize Self-Service Defn”. Switch to the responsibility, System Administrator. The navigation to select the profile option is: System Administrator -> Profile -> System The same navigation is shown in the below figure:five After that select the Display level as Site and down in the Profile give name like “Persolalize%Self%”, the same scenario is shown in the below figure: six After entering, click on Find button then you can see  full profile option name. At site level select YES option to activate About this Page link in the Oracle apps Framework page. The same scenario is shown in the below figure:seven   Step 2:  After selecting About This page we can see  another window, in that select a tab called “Technology Components”  and after selecting that tab we can see the option called OA Framework  which shows the version name of OA Framework. The same scenario is shown in the below figure which is showing the version number as 12.1.3. eight Step 3: Now you need to download the JDeveloper patch of the version which we identified in Technology Components. All the patches we can download from Oracle Meta link, and the file size is 500+ MB. The below table lists some patches related to the versions:

Oracle Apps Release Version JDeveloper Patch
12.1.0 Patch 7315332
12.1.1 Patch 8431482
12.1.2 Patch 9172975
12.1.3 Patch 9879989

The below picture shows the patch of the version 12.1.3:- nine Extract the ZIP file and open the patch folder you will find three folders, as shown in the below figure contains jdevbin, jdevdoc, jdevhome: ten Check out our Popular Trainings Oracle Performance Tuning Training in Bangalore Structure of OAF Advantages and Dis-Advantages of OAF Creating First OAF Page in Project

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