What is a Software?

21 September, 2018

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Digitalised automated process is called software.
  • Whenever graphic user interface is available then it is called digitalised, without human interaction, if the process is completed, then it is called automated process.
  • A software is a collection of programmes.
  • A program is a set of instructions which is designed for particular task.
  • ‘N’ no of programs combined together like a single unit, it is called software tool or software component.
  • Software’s are classified in to two types:
    1. System software
    2. Application software.
   1. System software: This software is designed for general purpose and doesn't having any limitations. Then it is called system software. E.g. Operating system, compiler.    2.Application Software: This software is designed for particular task and contains limitations. It is called Application software. E.g.: MS.Office, oracle, Tally.
  • By using MS.Office, we can maintain information in document format.
  • By using oracle, we can maintain information in Table format.
  • By using Tally, we can maintain account related information.
  • A computer is an Electronic device which accepts the instruction from the user, according to user send
  • Instructions, it produce results.
  • Who, using the applications is called user and who developing the application is called programmer.
  • The basic purpose of Language is communication.
  • Computer knows only one language i.e., Binary format.
  • As a programmer, when we required to interact with a computer, we need a communication channel, it is called programming language.
  • A programming Language is a special kind of instructions which is used to communicate with computer.
  • As a programmer, if we knows the programming language, we can’t interact directly with computer because computer cannot understand programming language code. (It knows only binary language)
  • In above case, we required a Mediator, called “Translator”
                  As a programmer, we required to give the instructions in programming language, translator will converts programming language into binary format, then according to the given instruction we will get an application / Result.   Programmer  2 p.l   2   Translator 2  Binary  2  Computer  2  App/result                                                 Complier                                                 Interpreter                                                 Assembler