How to Implement LINQ Queries in Collection Data

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21st September, 2018




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Implementing LINQ  Queries on Collection Data

Create  a new Console Application   (CA Sample 2)  àAdd a new class (Name) à Employee Write the following code using Auto implemented properties.

Name Space CA Sample 2
Class Employee
Public Int PEMP ID {set; get;}
Public String PE name  {set; get ;}
Public String Designation  {set; get ;}
Public Date time PDOJ  {set; get ;}
Public Double Salary  {set; get ;}
Public Int p Dept no {set; get ;}

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Create a new class in this Application with the name Examples:-

Write the following code

Namespace CA Sample 2
Class Example2
Static void Main ()
List <Employee> emp list = new list <Employee> ()
New  employee  (P emp id = 101, P Ename = “naveen”, Pdesigen = “pl”, p Doj = new date (2012,03,02),p salary = 1200, pdeptno =10);
New  employee  (P emp id = 102, P Ename = “raj”, Pdesigen = “tl”, p Doj = new date (2012,04,01),p salary = 1300, pdeptno =20);
New  employee  (P emp id = 103, P Ename = “sai”, Pdesigen = “ds”, p Doj = new date (2012,05,03),p salary = 1300, pdeptno =10);
Var R = from X in Emp list where x.pdept no = 10  Select x;
Console. Write line (“Dept no 10 employee data is :-”);
Console. Write line (“Empid/t, ename/t, designation/t, doj/t salary/t……………”);
Foreach (var I in R)
Console. Write line (i.pempid +’/t’  + i. pename +’/t’ +i.pdesig +’/t’+ i.p doj +’/t’+ i.p salary);
Console. Read ();

Output :-

Emp id                       E name                   designation                  Doj         salary 101                                  -                               -                                   -            1200 103                                  -                                -                                  -              1400   2If we want to only required fields we use query like. 2Var R = from  x in emplist where x. p dept no = 10 select  x.ename, x. designation, x.esalary;

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