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How to Hide, Delete and Show WorkSheets in Tableau

Show & Hide WorkSheets in Tableau

A worksheet that is used in a dashboard cannot be deleted, but it can be hidden. You may want to hide a worksheet if you are sharing the dashboard with others and don’t want to clutter the workbook with all the supporting worksheets.

You can hide the worksheets that are used in a dashboard by right-clicking the worksheet tab and selecting Hide Sheet. Keep in mind that someone viewing the dashboard can still access the hidden worksheet.

You can show a hidden sheet by navigating to the dashboard that uses it. Select Go to Sheet on the dashboard view menu. The hidden sheet is shown until you switch to another sheet. When the hidden sheet is showing, you can right-click the sheet tab and select Unhide to unhide it permanently.

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Deleting WorkSheets in Tableau

Deleting a sheet removes it from the workbook You can delete the active sheet by right-clicking the worksheet or dashboard tab along the bottom of the workbook and selecting Delete Sheet. Worksheets used in a dashboard cannot be deleted, rather you can hide the worksheet.

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