Getting start with a Silver light application using VS2010 

Step 1: Open Visual Studio 2010 and create a new Silverlight Application



Uncheck the checkbox [ ] “Host the Silverlight application in a new Web site”. We don’t need to host Silverlight in a separate web app since SharePoint will be the host.



Step 2: You can add the following code at MainPage.xaml for testing if you are new with Silverlight




Build the Application and your Silverlight Application is ready at this stage

Step 3: So, Develop your Silverlight application as per as your requirement. For Example: I developed a application like below. Let’s imagine this application is ready to deploy




Create a Empty SharePoint Project to deploy in SharePoint

Step 4: To Deploy Application in SharePoint

Create Empty SharePoint Project (Run As Administrator)


  1. Leave the sandboxed solution checked and click ok (Pop-up will ask you to choose to deploy as a sandboxed solution or a farm solution.)
  2. Set SharePoint Site URL where you want to deploy



  1. Add a new Module to the project


  1. Open the Elements.xml file and Edit the file to include the xap file that will be generated from the Silverlight application

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  1. Now your application is ready to be deployed. Right click the SharePoint project and select Set as Startup Project and Deploy Solution.

Add Silverlight Web Part in SharePoint Site

Step 5: On the SharePoint site click the edit icon then the insert tab, select Web Part, and choose the Silverlight Web Part in the Media and Content category



Click Add and in the Silverlight Web Part dialog enter the value from the Url field in the Elements.xml file.



Configure Web Part to adjust size.The problem is the default size for the Silverlight Web Part is 400x300 but the application is bigger than 300.



Now Your Silverlight application Deployment Done!


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