Friend Function and Friend Classes in C++

21 September, 2018


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Friend function

A non-member function cannot access private member of the class or object. Member function can access private members of “same type or same class or object. There could be a situation where more than one class where a function required to access private members of more than one type. If function is declared as friend of any class, it can able to access private members. Friend function is a non-member function, it is called like normal function. It is not bind with any object (OR) It is not called with object name. Friend function in C++ cannot private members of directly it is having parameters of type class. Friend return type function –name(parameters);  

Example of Friend Function in C++

#include <iostream.h> #include<conio.h> class beta class alpha { int x; public: void read-x(); friend void compare (alpha,bets); }; class beta { int y; public: void read-y(); friend void compare(alpha,beta); }; void alpha::read-x() { cout<<”\n Input x”; cin>>x; } void beta::read-y() { cout<<”\n Input y@; cin>>y; } void compare (alpha a, beta b) { if( cout<<”\n Equal”; else cout <<”\n Not equal”; } void main() { alpha alpha1; beta beta1;;; compare(alpha1,beta1); (friend function) }   Screenshot_21     #include <iostream.h> #include<conio.h> class Marks; class Student { int rno; char name[10]; public: void read-student(); friend void find result(student name); class marks { int sub1,sub2; public: void read-Marks(); friend void find –result (student,Marks); }; void student:: read-student() { cout<<”\n Input rollno”; cin>>rno; cout<<”\n Input name”; cin>>name; } void marks:: read-marks() { cout<<”\n  Input Marks”; cin >>sub1>>sub2; } void find –result(student s,Marks M) { cout<<”\n Roll no”<<S.rno; cout<<”\n Name”<<; if (M.sub1<40 M.sub2<40)   Screenshot_22     O/p: Input name RAM Input roll no 101 Input Marks  

//Friend function which operates on similar type objects

#include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> class complex { float real,img; public: void read_complex(); void print_complex(); friend complex add-complex(complex,complex); }; void complex::read_complex() { cout<<”\n Input real”); cin>>real; cout<<”\n Input img”; cin>>img; } void complex:: print_complex() { cout<<”\n real=”<<real; cout<<”\n img=”<img; } complex add_complex(complex c1,complex c2) { complex c3; c3.real= c1.real+c2.real; c3.img=c1.img+c2.img; return c3; } void main() { clrscr(); complex comp1,comp2,comp3; comp1.read_complex(); comp2.read_complex(); comp3=add__complex(comp1,comp2); comp1.print__complex(); comp2.print__complex(); comp3.print__complex(); } O/p Input real 1.1 input img


Friend class in C++

A friend of class can be function or class ,having full access rights to use private members

Syntax of Friend Class

friend class-name; Example of Friend Class in C++ # include<iostream.h> class student { int rno; char name[10]; friend Marks; }; class Marks { int sub1,sub2; student stud; public: void read_marks() { cout<<”\n Input rno”; cin>>stud.rno; cout<<”\n Input Name; cin>>; cout <<”\n Input two subjects”; cin>>; cout<<”\n Input two subjects”; cin>>; cout<<”\n Input two subjects”; cin>>sub1>>sub2; } void find-result() { cout<<”\n Roll no”<<stud.rno; cout<<”\n Name”<<; if(sub1<40|| sub2<40) cout<<”\n Result Fail”; else cout<<”\n Result Pass”; }}; void Main() { Marks stud1; stud1.read_Marks(); stud1.find_result(); }   Example # include <iostream,h> class address { char hno[10]; char street[10]; public: void read_address() { cout<<”\n Input hno”; cin>>hno; cout<<”\n Input street”; cin>>street; } friend person; }; class person { char name[10]; public: void read_name() { cout<<”\n Input Name”; cin>>name; } void print_details(address a) { cout<<”\n Name”<<name; cout<<”\n Hno”<<a.hno; cout<<”\n Street”<<a.street; }}; void main() { Person p1; address p1add; p1.read_name(); p1add.read_address(); p1.print_details(p1add); }    

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