Forms Personalization

1. Personalize fields properties

In this topic we will personalize three properties of user definition form.

PersonChange title to Employee
E-MailHide the field.
FaxHide the field.

1.5. Login as Sys Admin and open the user form,

Sys Admin: Security > User > Define


1.6. Open the personalize form,

Menu > Help > Diagnostics > Custom Code > Personalize

 1.7. Provide apps password on the displayed dialog.

1.8. Enter the required data and select WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE as trigger event.


1.9. Click the Actions (tab) and click in the first row,


 1.10. Now click in the next row to set properties of E-Mail field.


 1.11. Click in the next row to set properties of Fax field.


1.12. Save the information.

1.13. Close both Personalization and Users form.

1.14. Open the user definition form as this time our trigger will execute.


1.15. View the changes.