24 September, 2018


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1. Using FNDCPASS to change APPS password 1.1. Login as oracle user on application tier, 1.2. Set environment variables, $ cd /d01/oracle/ visappl $. ./ APPSORA.env $ echo $ORACLE_HOME /d01/oracle/ visora/8.0.6 1.3. Enter FNDCPASS on command line to get help. 124 1.4. Now we will change the password of APPS and APPLSYS with the following command, $ FNDCPASS apps/apps 0 Y system/manager SYSTEM APPLSYS welcome Log filename : L381345.log Report filename : O381345.out 1.5. Open the log file using vi editor as above our log file is L381345.log as shown below. 125 1.6. Check the status which is showing completed successfully. 1.7. Now execute autoconfig. $ cd /d01/oracle/ viscomn/admin/ scripts/VIS_vision $ Enter the APPS user password: [here give our new password which is welcome] 127 1.8. Wait for autoconfig completion and check the log file for any error using vi editor. 1.9. I f successful then login to the application using browser. You can also check from sqlplus by login with new password. $ sqlplus apps/welcome 128     2. Changing Application User (sysadmin) Password 2.1. Now we will use the USER mode to change the application user password like sysadmin. 2.2. Enter the following command in which the new password is be welcome. $ FNDCPASS apps/apps 0 Y system/manager USER sysadmin welcome 2.3. Check the log file if any error. 2.4. Open the application and login as sysadmin with this new password.     3. Change Single Oracle User Password 3.1. To change single Oracle user password like changing the password of GL, AP, AR etc we will use the following command with ORACLE mode. $ FNDCPASS apps/apps 0 Y system/manager ORACLE GL gl123 3.2. Check the log file if any error. 3.3. To verify the change open sqlplus, $ sqlplus gl/gl123 129     4. Change All Oracle Users Passwords 4.1. To use ALLORACLE mode of FNDCPASS you will have to apply a stand alone patch# 4745998 (30MB) or its latest replacement patch# 4676589 (330MB). You will have to download it from metalink and apply. 130 Note: There are 3 types of schema passwords, 1. First type is APPLSYSPUB and the default password is 'PUB'. 2. The 2nd type are schemas APPLSYS and APPS and the default password of both is 'APPS'. 3. In 3rd type the product-specific base schemas having same passwords as schema name like GL/GL. Important : The ALLORACLE mode is used to change password of 3rd type schemas. 4.2. Execute the following command $ FNDCPASS apps/apps 0 Y system/manager ALLORACLE welcome 4.3. Check the log file if any error. 4.4. Now execute autoconfig. 4.5. Check the log file if not successfully completed.  

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