FAST Load error Handling

2Abort in phase1, Data AQuision in complete:

  1. In case of error Rectifying and Run it, so that it start from last check point
  2. Event through here are no error simple Restarted, sot that it start from last check point
  3. Aborted in phase2 Data AQuision completed: Simple take begin and end loading the script and Run it, so that it runs from Amp to table

1) Acquision

(File- Amp)}



.Begin Handle load table


Check point

End Load(Amp-Table)


2What is default data conversion supported in fast load?

Ans: Char 2Data

Char 2Numeric

Numeric 2Char

Date 2Char

Numeric  2Decimal

Fixed text 2Varchar


Integer  2Decimal

Decimal  2Integer

2 How do you load multiple file some structure to  a table?

[Same structure different file names](or)There is no end loading statement more data acquire then what will you do?



There are 2 ways

  1. a) Taking multiple script for multiple file and Running all the script without end loading structure, so that, the data loaded to Amp and concatenated every time.
  2. b) For the last script specify end loading and Run, so that this file data also laded to Amp and then this loaded data more from amp to table.


2nd way

  1. a) Take a single script and replace the file one by one fill fast life without end loading
  2. b) For the last file specify end loading in script and run, so that runs from Amp to table


1st way:








2FAST Load script fail and error table existed then how do you restart?

Ans:1st way: In case of old file to Restart

  1. Do not draw ET, UV, Log Table
  2. Don of Release locks and target tables
  3. Simply Rectify the errors and script or file and Runs it,

2so that if Runs from last check point



  1. While working the LAB To implement above process, 1st Rectify the error in the script/file later comment the drop and delete statement and Run the script
  2. If script fail and you trying see the data in a table It display table is being loaded
  3. In case of fresh restart run the below empty script so that it drop error tables, release the lock and target table and delete the content from fast lock table

.Set Record unformatted;

.Run file c:\BTEQ\Conn.TXT;

Database vinayaka;

Begin Loading party3

Error files erparty3,UVParty3

Check point 10;

End loading

.Log off

2Take a new file in the script and run freshly

2Why fast load does not support SI,JI,RI And TRIGGER?

Ans: The above concept Required communication between Amps, But Fast load Does not support communication between Amp’s And runs independently