Sizeof() operator in C
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 About sizeof() operator in C Language

size of : -

It is a operator can keyword in ‘c’ language

  • it is a urinary operator which returns size of even argument.
  • size of operator always returns unsigned integer value only and which value is greater than “Zero”


void main()

{ int i; char ch; float f; printf("\n size of int %d”, sizeof(i)); printf(“\n size of char: %d ”, sizeof ch); printf(“\n size of float : %d”, size of F); } o/p: size of int : 2 size of char:1 size of float:4   sizeof(int)       7    2 bytes sizeof(signed)  7  2 bytes sizeof(short)  7   2 sizeof(long) 7   4 sizeof(25)  7   2 sizeof(40000u) 7   2 sizeof(655361) 7   4 sizeof(char)  7  1 sizeof(‘A’)  7   2              // sizeof(65) --- >2 char ch; ch=’A’; sizeof(ch) 7 1 size of character or character variable is 1 byte but the size of character constant is 2 bytes, because by default character constant returns integer value. i.e ‘ASCII’  value of a character. So, we will get 2 bytes sizeof(ch)  7   1 sizeof(float) 7 4 sizeof(double) 7 8 sizeof(long double)  -7   10 sizeof(short double) 7   error sizeof(12.8)  7   8 //double sizeof(12.8f)  7  4   //float sizeof(12.8L)  7 10    // long double sizeof(3.0)  7   8 sizeof(3.5)7   8    

void main()

{ int i; i=0; printf(“\nsize1:%d”, size(i)); printf(“\nsize2:%d”, size(i*1 5l)); printf(“\nsize3:%d”, size(i/2.0)); printf(“\nsize4:%d”, size(i/2.0f)); printf(“\nsize5:%d”, size(i=i*15)); printf(“\ni=%d”,i); o/p : size1         :        2       //int Size2    :        4       // int,long 7 long size3     :        8       //int,double 7 double size4     :        4       //int, float   7 float size 5     :        2       //int,int       7  int i=0   in size of operator all expressions can be evaluated except assignment.  

void main()

{ int a; a=10; printf(“\n size of a: %d”, sizeof(++a));     //a=a+1   ignore inclure printf(“/n a=%d”,a); } o/p : size of a:2 a=10  

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