Create WCF service with database

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Example to create WCF service with database

Create a new WCF service with the name example 3 Change the interface name to I emp details 11 change the class name to cls emp details 11 change the SVc file name to cls emp details SVC Write the following code in interface class i.e. I emp details.cs using system data; [service contract] Public interface I emp details { [operation contract] Data table get data(); } Go to emp details.cs file & write the following using; Using; Using system. Data. Sqlclient; Public class cls emp details: I Emp details { Public data table get data() { Sql connection . con = new sql connection (“----“); Sql data adapter da =new sql data adapter (“ select from emp details”, con; Data set Ds = new datsaset(); Da.fill (Ds, “emp details); Return ds. Table [0]; }}  

Creating client component:-

Create a new web with the name check exmaple3 11 design the page add reference to cls empdetails.svc service reference name as “SR1”11 Using SR1; Protected void btn get data_click (--) { Emp Details client Obj1 =new emp de tails client (); Gridview. Data source = obj 1. Get data(); Grid view 1 . dta bind(); } Run the application & check. Screenshot_64  

Example to create a WCF service to perform the operations on database:-

Client design:-

Screenshot_65   Creating WCF service / server component:- Create a new WCF service with the name example 4 Change the interface name from I service.cs to I empdetails.cs 11 change the class name from service.cs to cls emp details.cs 11 change the service file name from service.svc to clsemp details.svc 11 go to the file I emp details.cs & write the following code [service contract] Public interface I empdetails { [operation contract] Int insert rec (emp data obj1); [operation contract] Int insert rec (emp data obj1); [operation contract] Int delete rec (emp data obj1); } [data contract] Public class emp data { Int cls empid, cls deptno; String cls ename, cls designation; Datatime cls Doj, double clssalary ; [data member] Pblic in p emp id { set { cls em pid = value;} [data member] Public string PE name { Set { cls e name = value;} Get { return cls e name:} } [data member] Public string p designation { set { cls designation = value ;} Get { return cls designation;} } [datamember] Public datatime PDOJ { set{ cls Doj = value;} Get{ return clas Doj:} } [data member] Public double psalary { [data member] Public double psalary { set { cls salary = value :} Ge { return clssalary;} } [data member] Public int p dept no { set{ cls deptno = value;} Ge { return cls deptno;} }} Go to cls empdetails.cs class 11 write the following to implement IEmp details interface members using system. Data; Using sqlclient; Public class cls empdetails :IE mpdetails { sql connection con=new sqlconnection (“---“); Sqlcommand cmd; Public int Insertrec (emp data obj1) { String s = “insert into emp details values (“ PEmpID + “,” + obj1. PE name + obj1/ p designation + “ ‘,’ “ + obj 1 “ ‘, “ + obj1. Psalary + “,” + obj1 +”)” ; Cmd = new sql command (s,con);; Int ; = cmd. Execute non query (); Con. Close (); Returen I; } Public int update Rec (emp data obj1) { string s = “ update emp details set Ename = ‘ “ + Pe name + “ ‘, designation = ‘” + obj 1. Gnation + “’, DOJ  = ‘” + obj 1 PDOJ + obj1.pdeptno + “ where empID = “ + objs.pempID; Cmd = new sqlcommand (s,con);; Int I = cmd. Execute non query (); Con. Close(); Return I; } Public int delete rec (empdata obj1) { String s = “delete emp details where emp ID = “ + obj1. Pemp id; Cmd = new sqlcommand (s, con);; Int I = cmd. Execute nonquery (); Con. Close(); Return I; }}  

Example to create a client to perform the database operations

Create a new website with the name check example 4 Design the webpage 11 add reference to cls empdetails.svc WCF service with reference name as SR1 11 write the following code Using SR1; Empdetails client objs = neco empdetails client(); Emp data objD = new emp data(); Protected void btn instert_click(-----){ objD.PE mp ID = convert. Toint32 (txt emp ID. Text); objd. PeName = txtEName.text; objD.p designation = txt designation.text; objed.PDOJ = convert. To Date time (txtDOJ.Text); objd.psalary = convert. To double (txtsalry. Text); ObjD.pdeptno = convert. TOInt32 (txtdeptno.text); Int I = objs. Insertrec (objD); Lbldisplay. Text = I + “Record (s) Inserted”; Crotected void btnupdate – click (---){ objD.PEm PID = convert . TOInt32 (txtempID.text); objD. PEName = texename. Text; objD.pdesignation= textdesignation.text; objD- PooJ= convert. Todatetime (txtdoj.text); ObjD.psalary = Convet. ToDouble (txtsalry. Text); Objd. Pdeptno = convert. TOIrt32 (txtdeptno. Text); Int I = objs. Updaterec (objD); Laldisplay. Text = I + “record (s) updated”; } protected void btndelete-click(----) { objd.PempID = convert. TOI nt 32 (txt emp ID. Text); Int I = objs. Deleterec (objD); Lbldisplay. Text = I + “record (s) deleted”;  

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