Displaying Images on OAF Page

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Let us see how to put images in OAF. The following are the two ways we can keep images in OAF pages:

I) Changing the ORACLE logo to company branding logo.

II) Displaying Images in Page.


1) Changing the ORACLE logo to company branding image.

All the images in Oracle Applications are available in OA_MEDIA  directory.

Step 1:

If we want to know the path where exactly the OA_MEDIA directory exists in Sever, Open a third party tool which connects to the Sever in command prompt like Putty connection manager.

Type the following command in putty:


After that now type the following command which shows the path was exactly the OA_MEDIA directory exists.


(Present Working Directory)

Step 2:

Now move the Image from the desktop system to the sever using putty or using other graphical user interface tool like  WinSCP.

Step 3: 

Open the page which is already created ( example Welcome Page ), here we are taking the Welcome page which is already created in the previous chapter.

Select the .xml page from Applications Navigator, and we know that we can see the page structure after selecting .xml page if you didn’t find the page structure then use the keyword  Ctrl+Shift+s or go to View -> Structure to select the Page structure palette.

In the page structure select CorporateBrandingImage.


In the Property Inspector of corporateBrandingImage we can see Image URL in the Visual field as shown in the below figure:


Just remove the .gif file name and give the appropriate name i.e., give the logo name which ever is the move to OA_MEDIA directory. For example look into the below figure:


Note that still now we not yet moved our sample or welcome page to the Oracle Apps Server instance so therefore if we run the program then we cannot see the logo. To see the corporate branding image locally move the image to the folder “OA_MEDIA” so that we can see the corporate branding image in OAF pages.

the OA_MEDIA folder will be available in the following path


Now run the page so that we can see our Corporate logo in the OAF Pages as shown below:



II) Displaying Images on OAF Page.

To display an image in OAF page, we need to create an Item first. Let us see how to create an Item, Right click on the PageId in the Structure of the page  select New -> Item as shown in the below figure:


After that select the item which we created just by clicking or selecting an item, Property Inspector will be highlighted in the Property Inspector select Item Style as the image as shown in the below figure:


Now after selecting Item Style as the image now select the visual field in properties and give the image path which you want to display in Image URI field as shown in the below figure. Note that we need to move the image as usually to the respective OA_MEDIA folder/Directory.


Run the page and see the output we can find the images as shown below:



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