1. Display Settings

When you will receive the following error while running reports with output set to PDF then you need to set Display Settings (Oracle Toolkit).


1.1. Login as Oracle user on Linux server locally.

1.2. Update the DisallowTCP and set to false in the gdm.conf file on application server machine.


1.3. Open the file in any editor

$ vi/etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf

1.4. Open the terminal window and execute the following statements.

$ set DISPLAY= localhost:0.0

$ xhost +

$ export DISPLAY= localhost:0.0

$ xhost + localhost

localhost being added to access control list

1.5. To verify display settings use xclock or xterm.

$ xclock


$ xterm


Note: I f these windows are displayed then it means that display settings are ok.

1.6. Alternatively make the following change in the adrepctl.sh file. This will eliminate the above manual steps on each restart of server.

$ vi /oracle/prodcomn/admin/ scripts/ VIS_vision/adrepctl.sh

1.7. Insert xhost + and save the file. Now each time when you will start the apps services display setting will be set.

1.8. Open the .bash_profile of Oracle user,

$ cd ~ “go to home folder of oracle user”

$ vi .bash_profile

1.9. Insert the following line,

export DISPLAY= "vision:0.0"


Note: These settings will only work if the user Oracle will remain logged in.