Display data using entity framework model class
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Display data using entity framework model class

Performing the same example by writing code in model class Sol :-    Create a new view in home folder  (sample) Creating MODEL CLASS :-

  • Go to solution explorer
  • Go to model folder
  • Double click on account model.c
  • Click on + symbol of model
  • Create a class with name sample model
Public class Sample model ()
Public data set ds;
Public sample model ()
Sql connection  con = new sql connection (“”);
String s= “select * from emp details “;
Sql data adapter da = new sql data adapter (s, con);
Data set ds = new data set ();
Da.fill (ds,’x’);

2Go to home controller .cs

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2write the following code for action method sample ();

Public action result sample ()
Models.sample1 model obj1 = new models.sample1 model ();
List <data row> r = row list <data row> ();
Foreach (Dat row x in obj1.ds.tables [0].Rows)
R .add (x);
View data [‘R’] = R;
Return view ();

2Go to sample 1 .aspx and write the following code: <% @ import name space = ‘system.data’ %> <h2>satya technologies </h2> <div> <% HTML. Begin form () ; %>   2Change the action name in global.aspx and run the application and check.

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