Data Set with Oracle Enterprise in Data Stage

20 September, 2018


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Data set In this job, Path the path is the file 11columns 11load 11(SCD)   Oracle enterprise  Table name =  dim 2 Write method  = upset (up date and insert) Upset order = update then insert Compile and Run   GO to SQL plus  Select * from dim2;   TO insert new values 

  • Delete SRC ;
  • Insert into SRC values (111,”Smitha”);

Insert in to SRC values (444, “Anu”);  

  • Compile and RUN Job (a);

Compile and RUN Job  (a); Output    Skid                             S no                   S name                  Es – date       Ee- date        ACF ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1                                       111                    Shilpa                                                                Y 2                                         222                   Reruka                                                            Y 3                                         333                 Archana                                                          Y 4                                         111                 Sumathi                                                            Y   117.5 version   SCD 1 and 2 SCD’s are implemented in 7 using change capture  and change apply.  (SCD 1) Change Capture  Capture the changes between before data and After data and generates change code. SCD 1 11SCD – II :-  (7.5 version)   Screenshot_77     If code =1 ,ten ESS –date = current data EE –date =”9999-12-31” Code =2 ee-dab =current date -1

Surrogate key Stage

  • Alternative primary key
  • Generates Sequence number
  • Surrogate key Stage differs completely in stage and version in 7.5 and 8.0.1

Q: Column Generator also  generates Sequence number, So why do we use Surrogate key ?  

Sol:    Surrogate Key

11we can pass the values with parameters 11Can pass the parameter in runtime 11Parameterization is possible

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Column Generator 

  • We can’t do
  • version :-
  1. How to create Sequence
  2. How to restart Sequence

Q:  How can you update parameter values Sol:-   APS, Routines Job :-  (Source Type  = flat file) Screenshot_78   Surrogate  key  Generated output column name = SKID Source Name  = C : /Skid. Txt11Empty file Source Type  = flat file 11 output 11 DO mapping 11Drag SKID to top 11Compile and RUN 11Generate Sequence no. 1 to 14th for 14 records 11When it is RUN for the 2nd time 11Sequence status from 15, 16   To identify the last highest value Screenshot_79     Job :-  (Surrogate  key Generator) Source Type  = Data Sequence 11Source name = C :/Skid.txt 11 Empty  file name11last generated value is stored11recalls the last generated, it status increment value11process is auto missedàlast generated value can also be stored in data base   Job:-   (Source type = Sequence Data base) Screenshot_80   Source type  = data type Sequence Data base type = oracle Oracle server name = oracle Password = tiger Username = Scott Source name = shilpa In SQL plus,   create a data base Sequence object11Create sequence shilpa;   Sequence created11Output11Do mapping For indepth understanding of DataStage click on

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