Data Mart and Types of Data Marts in Informatica

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28th September, 2020




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Data Mart and Types of Data Marts In Informatica

Data Mart

A Data Mart is a subject-oriented database that supports the business needs of department-specific business managers.


A Data Martin Informatica is a subject of an enterprise data warehouse a data mart is also known as high-performance query structures (HPQS)s.

There are two types of data mart

  • Independent data mart
  • Dependent data mart

Data Mart and Types of Data Marts in Informatica

  • The enterprise is a integration of various department
  • Integration of multiple data mart is a enterprise DHW.

Difference between enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Marts in Informatica


Data Mart

  • It is an integration of multiple subjects
1. It defines a single subject
  • It stores enterprise specific business information
2. It stores department specific information
  • Design for top management (CEO, board of director)
3. design for middle management users


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 Top-Down data warehousing approach - (W.H. Inman)

 According to the Inman first we need to build an enterprise data warehouse, from the EDW design subject oriented, department specific database known as data marts.

informatica data warehousing  

Bottom – up data warehousing approach - Kimball

According to the Kimball design department specific, subject oriented database know as data marts, integrate the data marts to define enterprise data warehouse

informatica datawarehouse  

Dependent Data Mart

In a top-down approach a data mart development “dependants” on enterprise data warehouse hence data mart are know as dependent data mart.

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Independent Data Mart

In a bottom-up approach a data mart development is “Independent” of enterprise data warehouse. Hence such data mart are know as independent data mart.

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Operational Data Store

An Operational Data Store (ODS) is an integrated database of operational data. Its sources include legacy systems and it handles current or any near term data. An ODS may contain 30 to 60 days of information, while a data warehouse typically contains years of data.

An operational data store is basically a database that is used for being an interim area for a data warehouse. As such, its primary purpose is for handling data which are progressively in use such as transactions, inventory and collecting data from Point of Sales. It works with a data warehouse but unlike a data warehouse, an operational data store does not contain static data. Instead, an operational data store contains data which are constantly updated through the course of the business operations.



DSS (Decision Supporting System)DWH
Similarity:- Integrated database Similarity:- Integrated data base
Differences:- 1. Volatile data
  • Current data
  • Detailed data
Difference:-1. Volatile data2.  Historical data3. summary data

Informatica Power Center 8.6.0

Informatica Power Center is a single unified data integration platfom, which allows company and organization to access the data from various type of source system transforming the data in to a homogeneous format and delivers the data through the enterprise at any speed.

Informatica Power Center is a client server technology and integrated tool set used to for designing running, monitoring and administrating that data acquisition application known as “mappings”.

A mapping is a graphical represent of data flow from source to target.

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