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5th November, 2018




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Process that how to Create an Item: Creating an Item: As the first step in creating the item go to the Inventory responsibility and in that master items screen. The navigation is Items ->Master Items. The given below is the Master items window.  Note: Before you got the master items screen you will ask for the choose organization screen then you get this screen. Here we choose the “V1” so, the items was set to V1 by default as the master organization. If we want we can assign this item to any other child organizations see the process in the coming steps. Slide72 Enter all the fields like item, description, Long Description such fields as per the requirement. After go to the Tools menu and in that go with Copy From option in that as we shown in the below figure. Then we get the Copy from window. Slide73 Slide74 Enter the Template name from the list which we want to assign to the current item BAGS and go with the Apply after that Done. Then the template was copied to the current item. Then go with the Organization Assignment option as we round in the given below figure then the view of the window will be changed as below. Slide75 Assign the item to the child organizations what ever you want. Then go with the save button then the item was created successfully. Now we have to set the price list for the item then only we can view the item in the sales order like that. Now go with the Order Management responsibility. The navigation for the price list setup is Pricing ->Price Lists ->Price List Setup. Then you get the Advanced Pricing window. Note: There are different price lists “Corporate” is default when we are creating the sales order so, we are adding our item to the “Corporate” price list. If we want we can create new price list as per the requirements. After getting the Pricelist window then go with F11 query mode gets the price list what ever you want and add the item and enter all the mandatory fields such as Product Context, Product Attribute, Product Value(Item Name), price, to it after that go with save button. Then the item was successfully added to the price list. Slide76 Enter all the details correctly before saving. Here in the form the rate of the item is described as value in that field we have to enter the rate of the item. Slide77 Now at this stage the item was created and added to the price list was successful but the on hand quantity of the particular item is ZERO (0). That means we can’t book the orders on that item. To increase the on hand quantity of any particular item is given below. We have to go with the Inventory responsibility and the navigation is Transactions  Miscellaneous Transaction. Then you will ask for the organization then select the child organization which we have selected for the item created above. Then we get the window as below. Slide78 Enter the mandatory fields and then go with the transaction lines. Then we get the window given below. Enter the item name, sub inventory, Amount and quantity as per the requirement. Here we entered 120 as ex. Slide79 When we enter the tab position to the amount then we get the Operations Accounting window given below. Select the appropriate option from the list of options. Here we selected the Cash as per our Ex. Slide80 After entering the amount field then go with the save button. Then the items quantity will be increased. Now we can go with the orders now. To check the on-hand-quantity of any item we have to go with the Inventory responsibility and the navigation is On-Hand, Availability  On-Hand Quantity. Then we get the Query Material window we have to enter the item name which we want to check the quantity and go with the find button below the screen. Slide81 After that we get other window in that we get the details of the item on-hand and other. Slide82 Here there is the Availability button when we go with that we get the same details in the short window. Check out our Related Courses Weblogic Tutorials Introduction to Clustering Weblogic Oracle Apex  Training In Hyderabad Oracle Weblogic Server Installation

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