1. Purging Request of Concurrent Manager

1.1. Select request Purge Concurrent Request and/ or Manager Data on the requests


1.2. Select REQUEST in the Entity LOV.


EntityREQUESTTo purge the requests.
ModeCountNumber of requests will be provided to retain them.
Mode Value3I have entered 3 which means leave latest 3 requests and logs while purge all earlier requests. (if Age is selected in the Mode then here the numbers mean the number of days. Assume that we have selected Age in the Mode field and in Mode Value we entered 365 then last 365 days requests will not be purged so retaining 1 year data of requests and logs)
User NameXX_USERThese requests and logs are very import so you must

ask the concerned departments that how long the

history need to be maintained. Here we will just purge

the requests of XX_USER.



1.3. Submit the request and then view the request status,


 1.4. Our all old requests are no more in the requests window. I t will also free space on hard disk by deleting log files.