Change Color Scheme

22 September, 2018


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1. Changing color scheme 1.1. Login as Sys Admin and open the System profiles, Sys Admin: Profile > System 1.2. As we will change the color scheme only for our XX_USER so enter the user name in the User field and Java Color Scheme in the Profile field. 52 1.3. Click on Find (button). 53 - Copy 1.4. Under the User name open LOV and select a color like I have selected blue. 1.5. Click the OK (button). 1.6. Save the data and logout from the Oracle Applications. 1.7. Now login as XX_USER and view the color change. 54 Note: The above change will only work for XX_USER as we changed color scheme only for this user. For a Site level change do not provide user.                                                

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