Data Types :

CQL TypeConstantsDescription
ASCIIstringsUS-ASCII character string
bigintintegers64-bit signed long
blobblobsArbitrary bytes (no validation), expressed as hexadecimal
booleanbooleanstrue or false
counterintegersDistributed counter value (64-bit long)
decimalintegers, floatsVariable-precision decimal
doubleintegers64-bit IEEE-754 floating-point
floatintegers, floats32-bit IEEE-754 floating-point
inetstringsIP address string in IPv4 or IPv6 format*
intintegers32-bit signed integer
listn/aA collection of one or more ordered elements
mapn/aA JSON-style array of literals: { literal : literal, literal : literal ... }
setn/aA collection of one or more elements
textstringsUTF-8 encoded string
timestampintegers, stringsDate plus time encoded as 8 bytes since epoch
uuiduuidsA UUID in standard UUID format
timeuuiduuidsType 1 UUID only (CQL 3)
varcharstringsUTF-8 encoded string
varintintegersArbitrary-precision integer


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