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22nd September, 2018




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The following are recommended Microsoft Internet Explorer settings for Oracle Applications. 1. Security Zones There are four security zones in MSIE and Oracle recommends security setting at Medium. Which zone is used is dependant how you are accessing your site (Internet or Local Intranet) and set up within the zones themselves (Trusted sites & restricted sites).

Zone Usage Default
Internet Web sites not placed in other zones Medium
Local intranet Web sites on your organization's intranet Medium-Low
Trusted sites Web sites you trust not to damage your computer Low
Restricted sites Web sites that could potentially damage your computer High

1.1. The Trusted Sites zone is recommended with a 'Medium' Security Setting. Open the Security tab, MSIE: Menu > Tools > Internet Options > Security tab > Trusted Sites icon > Sites   38 39 1.2. Uncheck the check box “Require server verification (https: () for all sites in this zone” . 1.3. Add the applications hostname and domain. 1.4. Click add (button) to add the link in the Trusted Websites.   2. JInitiator JInitiator 1.3.1.x versions will download and install on any security setting except High, therefore the security setting should not need any adjustments at download and install time.   3. Page Refresh When using Oracle Self-Service products to view the most current data the following settings need to be set in MSIE. 3.1. To set 'Page Refresh', MSIE: Menu > Tools > Internet Options > General tab > Settings 340 3.2. The option 'Every visit to the page' should be checked.       4. Shared Desktop Security I f a PC is shared by multiple users then encrypted pages should not be saved on the pc locally. 4.1. Open the Advanced tab of Internet Options, MSIE: Menu > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab > Security 41 4.2. Check the box of 'Do not save encrypted pages to Disk'. Click OK to confirm changes.    5. Auto complete in Internet Explorer MSIE automatically displays the last entered values so for security reason it is better to disable this option. 5.1. Open Content tab, MSIE: Menu > Tools > Internet Options > Content 42 43 5.2. Click Settings (button) of AutoComplete region and uncheck 'Forms' and 'User names and passwords on forms'. Click OK to confirm the changes.     6. HTTP 1.1/Keep Alive Settings For Oracle Applications version 11.5.9 or later “HTTP 1.1/Keep Alive” should be enabled.  6.1. Open the Advanced tab, MSIE: Menu > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced 44 6.2.Under HTTP 1.1 Settings both options “Use HTTP 1.1” and “Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections” should bi checked.    

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