Bootstrap Interview Questions with Answers

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7th October, 2020




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Bootstrap Interview Questions and Answers

Q1) What is the Modal plugin used for in Bootstrap?

Ans: Modal Plugin is a child window that is layered over its parent window

Q2) What is Bootstrap Container in Bootstrap?

Ans: The bootstrap container is a class that is useful and creating a central area on the page for display.

Q3) What is Bootstrap?

Ans: Bootstrap is a CSS, HTML, and JS framework for developing web applications with less effort. This framework emphasizes developing mobile web applications.

Q4) What are the key components of Bootstrap?

Ans: The key components of Bootstrap are:

  • CSS: It comes with plenty of CSS files
  • Layout Components: List of layout components
  • JavaScript Plugins: It contains many jQuery and JavaScript plugins
  • Scaffolding: It gives a basic structure with link styles, Grid system, and background
  • Customize: To get your own version of the framework you can modify your components

Q5) Can we include bootstrap CDN instead of download the Bootstrap?

Ans: Yes sure, we can do from following


Q6) What function you can use to wrap a page content?

Ans: The function “.container” is used to wrap a page content and using that you can also center the content.

Q7) Difference between Bootstrap and Foundation?



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Q8) What is the difference between Fluid Layout and Responsive Layout?


  • The fluid layout adapts itself to different browser window sizes, all the values used are calculated proportionally to the viewport size, so when resizing, all the columns are resized.
  • A responsive layout is able to adapt itself to different sizes as well. When resizing, the number of columns changes according to the available space.

Q9) What is Jumbotron?

Ans: Jumbotron is used for content that you want to highlight like some slogan OR marketing headline.

Q10) What to display code in bootstrap?

Ans: you can use following tags <code></code>

Q11) What is Bootstrap collapsing elements?

Ans: Bootstrap collapsing elements enables you to collapse any element without using external JavaScript.

Q12) What are the steps for creating basic or vertical forms?

Ans: The steps for creating basic or vertical forms are:

  • Add a role form to the parent <form> element Wrap labels and controls in a <div> with class .form-group.
  • To achieve optimum spacing this is needed Add a class of .form-control to all texturl <input> , <textarea> and <select> elements
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