Batch Processing in Informatica

07 October, 2020


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Types of Batch Processing

       There are 2 types of batch processing

  1. Parallel (or) concurrent batch processing

The session tasks execute concurrently (or) parallel at the same instance of the time

Batch Processing in Informatica

      2.   Sequential batch processing

            The session tasks execute one after another.

Batch Processing in Informatica

Link condition

  A link condition control the execution of tasks in the work flow define the link condition using following pre define variable “status”.

Batch Processing in Informatica


Create a 3 mapping with the name m10, m20. m30

Create a 3 session with the name s10, s20, s30

Create a work flow drop the session besides the start task in a sequential passion make a link between tasks

Double click on the link between s10 and s20

From pre defined tab double click on the variable status

Define = succeded

Click on variable

Similarly defined the link condition between s20 and s30 session tasks

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Task and type of tasks

A task is defined as a set of executable actions, commands, and functions

The task is categorized into 2 types

Reusable tasks

A task which is assigned to multiple workflows is known as a reusable task

Reusable tasks are created using the task develop tool


  1. Session
  2. Command
  3. Email
  4. Work let

Non reusable task

A task which is created using a workflow designer tool is known as a nonreusable task


  1. Session
  2. Command
  3. Email
  4. Decision
  5. Assignment
  6. Event wait
  7. Event rais
  8. Timer
  9. Worklet
  10. Control

A on reusable task can be converted into reusable task

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