When do we use Automation in our project

21 September, 2018


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When the application is Stable We can go for Automation to perform Regression testing to all the iterative/ Incremental builds.

If we are using Agile process to develop the project then we can't wait untill the project/ application in stable. The recruitments [test cases] Which are stable can be Automated.

What kind of application can be Automated by using Selenium

Selenium Supports all kinds of web Applications

Selenium Supports Multiple languages like Java, C#, PHP, HTML e.t.c to write the scripts.

We can choose any languages to write the scripts

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Selenium components :

Selenium is majorly build on 4 components

1) Selenium IDE         2            Integrated Development Environment

2) Selenium Rc          2             Remote control

3) Selenium Web Driver

4) Selenium Grid.

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