Apache Storm Interview Questions

17 September, 2018


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Does Apache act as a Proxy server?

Yes, It acts as proxy also by using the mod_proxy module.

What is multiviews?

A MultiViews search is enabled by the MultiViews Options. If the server receives a request for /some/dir/foo and/some/dir/foo does not exist, then the server reads the directory looking for all files named foo.*, and effectively fakes up a type map which names all those files, assigning them the same media types and content-encodings it would have if the client had asked for one of them by name. It then chooses the best match to the client's requirements,and returns that document.


Does Apache include a search engine?

Yes, Apache contain a Search engine. You can search a report name in Apache by using the "Search title"

Why does not Apache include SSL?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data transport requires encryption, and many governments have restrictions upon the import, export, and use of encryption technology.

If Apache included SSL in the base package, its distribution would involve all sorts of legal and bureaucratic issues, and it would no longer be freely available.

Also, some of the technology required to talk to current clients using SSL is patented by RSA Data Security, who restricts its use without a license.

Does Apache include any sort of database integration?

No. Apache is a Web (HTTP) server, not an application server. The base package does not include any such functionality. See the PHP project and the mod_perl project for examples of modules that allow you to work with databases from within the Apache environment.

Does Apache come with Java support?

The base Apache Web server package does not include support for Java

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Can we use Active Server Pages (ASP) with Apache?

Apache Web Server package does not include ASP support. However, a number of projects provide ASP or ASP-like functionality for Apache.

Some of these are:



How to to stop Apache?

To stop apache you can use.

/etc/init.d/httpd stop command.
How to check for the httpd.conf consistency and any errors in it?

We can check syntax for httpd configuration file by using following command.

httpd –S
In which folder are Java Applications stored in Apache?

Java applications are not stored in Apache, it can be only connected to a other Java webapp hosting webserver using the mod_jk connector

What is mod_vhost_alias?

This module creates dynamically configured virtual hosts, by allowing the IP address and/or the Host: header of the HTTP request to be used as part of the pathname to determine what files to serve. This allows for easy use of a huge number of virtual hosts with similar configurations.

What is struct and explain its purpose?

A struts is a open source framework for creating a Java web applications.

Tell me Is running apache as a root is a security risk?

No.root process opens port 80, but never listens to it, so no user will actually enter the site with root rights. If you kill the root process, you will see the other kids disappear as well.

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