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AngularJS Training

AngularJS Online Training Course & Certification ➔ Learn all about front-end web development ✔️Live Projects ✔️30 Hrs ✔️100% Job Assistance.


17 hours

Core Java Training

Core Java Training & Certification ➔ Lean Bytecode, Control statements, OOPS Concept ✔️30 Hrs ✔️Live Projects ✔️Online Course ✔️100% Job Assistance.


30 hours

AlterYX Training

AlterYX Training & Certification Course Online- learn parsing data and XML files, DB Tools✔️Live Projects ✔️30Hrs ✔️100%Job Assistance✔️Free Demo


30 hours

AEM Training

Enroll in AEM Training at Tekslate to transform your career as an Adobe Experience Manager Professional. Join live classes, get insights from mentors, work on projects and case studies.


30 hours

Ansible Training

Ansible Training & Online Course ➔ Learn Ansible with ✔️Live Projects ✔️30 hrs ✔️Certification & Job Assistance ✔️24/7 Support ✔️Free Demo ✔️Enroll


30 hours

Apigee Training

Apigee Training & Online Course ➔ Learn & Expert in Apigee ✔️Certification & Job Assistance ✔️30 Hrs ✔️Live Projects ✔️24/7 Support ✔️Free Demo!


18 hours

SQL Server DBA Training

SQL Server DBA Training & Online Course ➔ Learn SQL Server to Enhance Technical skills in DBA with ✔️Live Projects ✔️Get Certification ✔️Free Demo!


30 hours

Documentum Training

Documentum Training & Certification online course -> Learn( ECM Overview, BOF, DFS,Virtual Documents)✔️Live Projects ✔️30 Hrs ✔️Job Assistance✔️Free Demo


30 hours

BizTalk Server Training

BizTalk Server Training ➔Learn Creating Pipelines ✔️30 Hrs ✔️Online Certification Course ✔️Live Projects ✔️Job Assistance. ✔️24/7 Support ✔️Free Demo


30 hours

Python Training

Python Online Training ➔ Lean PYTHON Anaconda, Mathematics, Python Loops ✔️30 Hrs ✔️Certification Course ✔️Live Projects ✔️100% Job Assistance.


30 hours