Update Panel Animation Extender

 This control is used to extend the update panel and create animations for update panel while updating the update panel is in progress or updating update panel is completed . It has the property TargetControlID to specify the ID of the updatepanle to extend & animations property is used to specify the animations to play with in animations property you can use the events ‘on updated’ & ‘on updating’ It supports the all the animations that are supported  by AnimationExtender.


The following example demonstrates how to use update panel Animation Extender.

Add a page to the website and place a Toolkitscriptmanager and an updatepanel & within the updatepanel take one label & calendercontrol & then write the following code with in the calendar selection changed event


Within the HTML source of the page drag & drop an updatepanelAnimation extender and set following properties to it.

<asp: updatepanelAnimationExtender Id=”updatepanelAnimationExtender1” runat=”server” TargetcontrolID=”updatepanel1”> <Animations>


<color propertykey = “background” startvalue=”#999966”  Endvalue=”#FFFFFF” Duration=”3.0” />