Slider Extender

 Slider Extender control is used to provide a slider on the page and allow the user to select a value within a specified rang using the slide.


BoundcontrolID : Used to specify the control with in which you want to display the current value of the slide.

Minimum & Maximum : Used to specify the range of values user can select with slider Extender

Decimals : Used to specify number of digits you want to display after the decimal point.


The following example demonstrates how to use the slider extender.

Add a page to the website and place aToolkitscriptManager and a Textbox & label and set the ID’s of Textbox & lable as T1 & L1.

Within HTML Source of the page drag & drop a sliderExtender & set following properties for it.

<asp:sliderExtender ID=”sliderExtender1” runat=”server” TargetcontrolID=”T1” BoundcontrolID=”21” Minimum=”10” Maximum=”100” decimals=”2”> </asp:sliderExtender>

At runtime in the place of TextBox you will get slider and when you select a value in the slider and when you select a value in the slider using the slider handle then the current value of the slider will be displayed in label.