Paging Bulleted List Extender

This control is used to apply paging for bulleted list control. This control has only one important property Target controls. Bulleted list control to extend using the paging Bulleted List Extender.


The following example demonstrates how to use the paging Bulleted ListExtender control

Add a page to the website and then take a ToolkitScriptManager and a BulletedList control and set ID of the BulletedList control as B2.

Within the page load event write the following code to get employees names from the table Emp and display them in BulletedList control

PageLoad :


sqlconnection cn = new sqlconnection(“server=Nikhil;database=Mydb;UserId=sa;password=123”);

sqlDataAdapter Da= new sqlDataAdapter(“select Ename from EMP order by Ename”,cn);

Dataset DS= new Dataset();






Within HTML source of the page Drag & Drop a paging Bulleted listExtender and set its TargetControlID property to the ID of Bulleted list that is BL.

At runtime employees name are displayed in BulletedList by dividing them into pages based on Alphabets with which the employee name starts.