Balloon Popup Extender

Balloon popup Extender is used to provide a popup for the control when ever mouse pointer is over it  and whenever the control got the focus. Balloonpopup Extender has the following important properties.


Used to specify ID of the control to extend using the BallonpopupExtender.

BallonpopupControlID :

Used to specify ID of that control to popup, which is generally in panel.

BalloonStyle :

Used to specify the style of Balloon you want to popup the Balloon popup control

Position : Used to specify the position where you want to display the popup for the target control.

Balloon Size : Used to specify the size of the Balloon you want.

Display of Focus : Indicates whether or not popup is displayed when the focus is within the target contro.

Display on Mouse over : Indicates whether or not the popup is displayed whenever mouse pointer is over the target control.


The following example demonstrates how to use the Balloon popup extender.

Add a page to the web site and take a Toolkit script manger on it.

Take a text box & panel on the page, set ID of Text box T1 & within the panel provide some text that you want to provide as the popup for the textbox :

Within HTML source of the page Drag & drop a Ballon popup extender and set following properties to it.

<asp: Balloon Popup Extender ID=”Balloon Popup Extender1” runat=”server” TargetControlID = “T1” BalloonpopupcontrolID=”panel1” position=”TopRight” Balloon Style=”cloud” Display on focus =”false” BalloonSize = “small” DisplayonMouseover=”True”> </asp:Balloon popup Extender>

At runtime when you place the Mousepointer over the Textbox T1 Textbox T1 then the panel will pop up in cloud style at the top right of the Textbox T1.