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About View

  • View is the actual output OAF page what an end user can able to see.
  • In Oracle Apps Framework View is implemented using UIX technology, whereas UIX means User Interface XML.
  • Whenever we run the page in JDeveloper then automatically UIX will generate web.xml file.
  • The power of UNIX is that allows metadata to be translated to an HTML page for a web browser or mobile device browsers.
  • The generated web.xml file will be converted into HTML format of OAF page.
  • Since web.xml file here will work as a cache memory.
  • Whenever we want to move the web.xml file into the server side then MDS repository is used to move the web.xml file into the server.
  • MDS stands for Meta Data Service and in the application top, we will be having MDS folder.
  • When we deploy all the OAF page destination paths, regions then the files will be stored into the MDS tables.
  • The MDS table is like:

JDR_Paths: Stores the path of the documents, OA Framework pages and their parent-child relationship.

JDR_Components: Stores components on documents and OA Framework pages.

JDR_Attributes: Stores attributes of components on documents and OA Framework pages.

JDR_ATTRIBUTES_TRANS: Stores translated attribute values of document components or OA framework pages.

JDR_DOCUMENT_ID_S:  This is a sequence generator table.

  • MDS can be managed using standard database procedures and tools.

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