Database - RDBMS

There are a number of relational databases to store data. A relational database contains normalized data stored in tables. Tables contain records and columns. RDBMS makes it easy to work with individual records. Each row contains a unique instance of data for the categories defined by the columns.

RDBMS are used in OLTP applications(e.g. ATM cards) very frequently and sometimes datawarehouse may also use relational databases. Please refer to Relational data modeling for details to know how data from a source system is normalized and stored in RDBMS databases.

Popular RDBMS Databases Vendors

RDBMS Name   11Company Name

Oracle                 11 Oracle Corporation

IBM DB2 UDB 11 IBM Corporation

IBM Informix    11 IBM Corporation

Microsoft SQL Server11 Microsoft

Sybase               11 Sybase Corporation

Terradata         11 NCR