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Twiddle Tool – JBoss

Twiddle Tool – JBoss

Command Line access to a [remote] JMX server (similar to web-based JMX Console)

Its capabilities include:

Getting/setting attributes on MBeans

Invoking operations on MBeans

Looking up MBeans

Getting server information

Called twiddle (for twiddling bits)

bin/twiddle.sh (UNIX)

bin/twiddle.bat (Windows)

Great for automation

List all deployed web applications:

./twiddle.sh query “jboss.web.deployment:*”








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Control the life-cycle an application

./twiddle.sh invoke jboss.web.deployment:war=fortune.war,id=2147076203 stop


./twiddle.sh invoke jboss.web.deployment:war=fortune.war,id=2147076203 start


Get a state on an application

./twiddle.sh get jboss.web.deployment:war=fortune.war,id=2147076203 StateString


Get the current memory usage of our JBoss Application Server instance

./twiddle.sh get jboss.system:type=ServerInfo TotalMemory


Ask JBoss AS to run the garbage collector:

./twiddle.sh invoke jboss.system:type=Server runGarbageCollector


Shutdown JBoss Application Server instance

./twiddle.sh invoke jboss.system:type=Server shutdown

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Twiddle Tool - JBoss
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