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Translators and Programming Languages


It is a system software which is used to convert programming language code into binary format.

Translators are classified into 3 types:

  1. Compiler
  2. Interpreter
  3. Assembler


  • A compiler is a system software which convert programming language code into binary format in a single step.
  • An interpreter is a system software which converts programming language code into binary format step by step. (Line by Line)
  • By using Assembler, we can convert, assembly language instructions into binary format.
  • As per performance wise, recommended to use compiler, as per the development, recommended to go for an interpreter.


Programming Language:

It is a special kind of instruction which is used to communicate with computer.

Programming languages are classified in to 2 types.

  • High level programming language
  • Low level programming language


High Level programming Language:

Which programming language syntactically similar to English and easy to understand.

  • By using high level programming Languages, we are developing user interface applications.
  • C,c++,vc++,c+,Java, Cobol,Pascal,objective-c


Low level programming language:

This programming language is also called Assembly programming language.

  • In low level programming language, instructions will be there in symbolic format (Mnemonics).
  • By using low level programming languages, we are developing device driver.
  • A device driver is a system software component which is required to use to communicate a software with hardware components.

8051,8086 M.C. Languages.


C programming language:

It is a high level procedure oriented structured programming language.

  • When we are developing an application in module format then it is called procedure oriented language.


Structured programming language:

When we are developing the program in top-down format with the help of blocks, then it is called structured programming language.

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