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Steps to create a Runtime Prompt variable in Hyperion Planning

Steps to create a Runtime Prompt variable

Runtime prompt introduces the flexibility in Business rules regarding reusability for several user requirements.

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In EAS Console expand Business Rules

  • Expand Repository view
  • Right Click on Global Variables
  • Select New variable
  • Select an appropriate outline from the Dropdown list, Provide a variable Name and select type as a member and then select appropriate Dimension on which you are going to create a variable and click on an icon to select the member for Default value and click on usage type and select runtime prompt. Provide an appropriate prompt string
  • Click on an icon under limits and select members that you want to display to the end users and click on à
  • Click on OK
  • Click on Access privileges tab
  • Click on Add, Select the required users and Click on à
  • Click on Save, Click on OK
  • Click on Close

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2 Responses on Steps to create a Runtime Prompt variable in Hyperion Planning"

  1. Carol Nassar says:

    After defining the run time variables in Tools, variables, how can you link to a business rule in calculation manager

  2. Carol Nassar says:

    After you define the run time prompt variables, how can you link to a business rule

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