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Set Aggregation Content for Logical Table Sources in OBIEE

1 . Expand D1 Time –> Sources.




2 . Double-click the LTS1 Time logical table source to open the Logical Table Source dialog box.


3 . Click the Content tab.
4 . Confirm that Aggregation content, group by is set to Logical Level and the logical level is set to Time Detail for the H1 Time logical dimension.


5 . Click OK to close the Logical Table Source dialog box.

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6 . Repeat to verify or set content settings for the remaining logical table sources using the table and screenshots as a guide:


Logical Table SourceLogical DimensionLogical Level
LTS1 ProductH2 ProductProduct Detail
LTS1 CustomerH3 CustomerCustomer Detail
LTS2 Customer AddressH3 CustomerCustomer Detail
LTS1 RevenueH1 TimeH2 ProductH3 CustomerTime DetailProduct DetailCustomer Detail










7 . Save the repository and check global consistency. Fix any errors or warnings before proceeding.
Notice that you did not have to make any changes to the Presentation layer.
8 . Close the repository. Leave the Administration Tool open.

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