How to Save Docker File

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6th October, 2020




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Saving Docker file

Usage: docker save [OPTIONS] IMAGE [IMAGE...] Save one or more images to a tar archive (streamed to STDOUT by default)

--help                 Print usage -o,
--output=             "" Write to a file, instead of STDOUT

Starred repository to the standard output stream. Contains all parent layers, and all tags + versions, or specified, for each argument provided.

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It is used to create a backup that can then be used with docker load

$ docker save busybox > busybox.tar
$ ls -sh busybox.tar
2.7M busybox.tar
$ docker save --output busybox.tar busybox
$ ls -sh busybox.tar
2.7M busybox.tar
$ docker save -o fedora-all.tar fedora
$ docker save -o fedora-latest.tar fedora:latest
It is even useful to cherry-pick particular tags of an image repository $ docker save -o ubuntu.tar ubuntu:lucid ubuntu:saucy

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