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Result Base Search

In this lesson we are going to see how to create Result Base Search.

Result base search will give the search results so the results whatever we are seeing in the page are just for display purpose we cannot select the resultant values like the way we select in Inline LOV or External LOV.

Steps to create result base search page in oaf:


Step1: Create Workspace, project , AM and create one page assign AM to the page give page title and window title.

For example :-

workspace name : ResultBaseSearch

Project Name : ResultbasesearchPRJ

package name : xxresultbasesearch.oracle.apps.po.resultbasesearchprj.webui

AM name : ResultbasesearchAM

AM Package name: xxresultbasesearch.oracle.apps.po.resultbasesearchprj.server

Step2: Create new VO in respective BC4J, generally List of Values ends with VO and the example BC4J path is:

Package (BC4J) : xxresultbasesearch.oracle.apps.po.inlineprj.server

VO name : ResultBaseSearchVO

Query in the VO is:



Step3: Attach VO to the AM

Step4:- After creating VO and attaching it to AM, in this step create new region under main region and select the region style in property inspector as Query. It means we need to create a Query region under the main region.


After creating Query Region in main region select the Query Region property Inspector and in Property Inspector select Construction Mode as Result Base search as shown in the below figure


Now in the page structure select the Query region, right click on the Query region select New -> Region Using Wizard…


Select Proper Application Module in the first step of creating region as show in the below figure:



In step2 select the region style as Table as show in the below image:



In step3 select the attributes of VO which you want to display in the output.


Finish the Region using wizard process.

Step5:-  Run the page and see the output, if we observe in the output the Query region creates automatically Go and Clear buttons.


Click on GO button to see the resultant output as shown in the below picture:


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Result Base Search
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