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Project Class in C# .Net

Screenshot_24Executing the project under the client system, copy the project folders into the system from the cd.

Screenshot_24Open sql server2005 data base files folder

Screenshot_24We will find two data base files

“ERES-Data ”and” ERES-log”

Copy these two files into c:program files\Microsoft sql server/ms sql/data.

Screenshot_24goto sql server2005 management studio

Startàrun àprogramScreenshot_24 sql server 2005

Screenshot_24Double click

Screenshot_24We will be getting a wizard

Screenshot_24Server type: Data base Engine

Server name:

RunScreenshot_24cmdàhost nameScreenshot_24sys2



Authentication SQL Server Authentication


Screenshot_24Select databasesvScreenshot_24Right clickScreenshot_24attachScreenshot_24click

Screenshot_24Add buttonScreenshot_24select PSA-Data mdfàDouble click


Screenshot_24OKàSymbol will be displayed



Screenshot_24Consultancy people will be using ERES and conducting the test.


Screenshot_24Candidates registered

Screenshot_24Subject details and Question bank details


Screenshot_24Psychology test

Screenshot_24ASP.NET and

Screenshot_24Manual evaluation

Screenshot_24Registration number(Consultancy)



Skills questions(blocked)

Screenshot_24Recruiters, consultancy

Screenshot_24candidate Registration

Screenshot_24Reports means total number of candidates appeared

Screenshot_249 modules in the project

Screenshot_24Time Restriction.

Screenshot_24Candidates login

Screenshot_24DFDScreenshot_24How the data is flowing from one module to another module.

Subjects data base




Screenshot_24Enrollment is registration.

Screenshot_242 to 3 level




Screenshot_24Water fall model

Screenshot_24Spiral model

Screenshot_24RAD model


Water fall model

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