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Performing Curd Operations by using another table in TeraData

Creating a table From Another table

  1. Create table<data base name><new table name>As<DB Nam><OLD Table name> with Data —With data
  2. Create table<data base name>.<New table name>As<DB Name>.<OLD table name> with no data —- With no data with only structure


Updating table from Another table

Update test2 set PNM=”dum2” where pid=

Update principle set principle. Phone= reception. Phone where principal picl=reception pid


Creating  table with  Statistics From other table

Create table new as old with data and statists Create table new as old with no data and statists; Create table new as(select*from old)with data and statists



To load only data from one table to other table go to ”Insert select”




Difference between drop and delete



1.Drops the objects(it removes the space no structure data available) 1) Delete only data
  1. DDL Command
2.DML Command Delete are works like truncate
3.It’s drops any objects 3.It’s only table and views
4.No roll back 4.Roll back is there
  1. No transient journal overhead
5.Transcient journal over head
6.Does not support where condition 6.Support where condition




What is difference between delete and delete all

Ans:- Delete all runs faster than normal delete, because below reason

  1. No Transient journal over head
  2. Works like a truncate command
  3.  No roll back
  4. It works directly on master and cylinder index.


Why insert select runs faster than normal insertion





With same amp the rows will be moved it’s runs faster.

Because same Amp operation


Revoke privilege

A          B



Grant Insert on X to B

Grant select on X to B

Revoke Insert on X to B

Revoke select on X to B



If runs for one database access rights to other, that means if the data base having 50 users with different privileges à we can trans for all the 50 users and privileges and other database.

A(DB)                                              B(DB)

100 Tables 2100 Tables 2Give my DB to finance;

50 users——- 50 users



If transactor data base access Give A to B

2Working with select statement?

To retrieve the data from data base in the required format, in the required column, we use select statement



Select Columns/* From<Table name>

Where<Condition>or<Sub query>à filters select stat

Group by<columns>or<Expression>or<Numeric’s>

Having<Condition>or<Sub query>à filter group data

Order by<columns>Ascending/descending





















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