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Guidewire Course Overview

Guidewire training offered by TekSlate allows you to handle the policies and products to meet the industry requirements rapidly. Our certified experts help you learn the GuideWire basics like policy changes, product model, policy center data model, underwriting authority, and revisioning. The project work and hands-on scenarios provide you an in-depth understanding of ClaimCenter intake process, ClaimCenter data model, page configuration, wizard step configuration, LOB editor, transaction data models, and approval routing rules. You will also master the advanced concepts like You will also master the topics like Agency Billing, GuideWire configuration, Gosu, and Integration. Enroll in our GuideWire online training to start your career as a GuideWire developer.
Course Duration 30 hrs
Live Projects 2
Next Batch 23 October, 2021

Guidewire Course Curriculum

  • What is PolicyCenter
  • Account, Policy File
  • Policy Transactions
  • Submission 1: Full Application Quotes
  • Submission 1: Quick Quotes
  • Policy Changes
  • Renewalss
  • The Cancellation Transaction Set
  • Splitting and Merging Accounts
  • Forms, Notes, and Documents
  • What is a Product Model?
  • Coverage and Availability
  • Modifier and Coverage Team
  • Product and Policy Lines
  • Quotation Sets
  • PC Config
  • Location Group and Pages
  • Policy Center Data Model
  • Job LifeCycle, Job Wizard
  • Activities
  • Creating and Assigning Activities
  • What is Underwriting Authority
  • Configuration of UnderWriting Authority
  • Introduction to Revisioning
  • Location and Contacts
  • Financial and Costs Transactions
  • Rate Books and Rate Table
  • Parameters Set and Rate Routines

  • ClaimCenter Data Model
  • Claim File 
  • Claims Processing - Business Perspective
  • Claims Processing - Functional Perspective
  • Claim Intake Process
  • Automated Claim Setup
  • Latest Claim Validation
  • ClaimCenter user interface
  • ClaimCenter rules
  • ClaimCenter data model
  • Importing the data into ClaimCenter
  • ClaimCenter Functionality
  • Location Group Configuration
  • Location Group Fundamentals
  • Page Configuration
  • Wizard Fundamentals
  • Wizard Configuration
  • Wizard Step Configuration
  • Claim Setup Fundamentals
  • Segmentation Rules
  • Pre-setup rules
  • Exposure and activity setup
  • Work Plan rules
  • LOB(Line Of Business model)
  • LOB editor
  • LOB type lists
  • LOB Model user interface
  • Configuring new exposure menu behavior
  • Configuring exposure types
  • ClaimCenter security functionality
  • Creating system permissions
  • Checking system permissions in Gosu
  • Application Permission Keys
  • Kinds of Validation
  • Validation rule fundamentals
  • Validation rules in the user interface
  • Errors and Warnings
  • Identifying the invalid fields
  • Classifying Contact
  • Contact roles
  • Contact role type constraints
  • Contact role configuration
  • Entity role constraints
  • ClaimContact Widget fundamentals
  • Configuring the ClaimContact Widgets
  • Transaction concepts
  • Transactions and Gosu
  • Transaction data model
  • Financial Calculations Library
  • Transaction validation fundamentals
  • Transaction and check life cycles
  • Transaction validation rules
  • Transaction approval concepts
  • Transaction approval rules
  • Authority Limits
  • Approval routing rules
  • Billing Center concepts
  • User Interface of Billing Center
  • User Interaction with BillingCenter
  • Billing Process
  • Accounts
  • Billing Instructions, Invoice Streams, Policies
  • How do we invoice the charges
  • Payments
  • Invoicing Life Cycle
  • Credit Distributions and Payment Corrections
  • Commissions and Producer Maintenance
  • Producers
  • Delinquency
  • Disbursements
  • Trouble Activities and Tickets
  • Configuring BillingCenter
  • Security and Permissions
  • Agency Bill
  • Agency Statement Bill and Bill Cycles
  • Agency Bill Cycles and Account Current
  • Statement Bill Payments
  • Account Current Payments and Permissions
  • GuideWire Configuration
  • Creating New Entities
  • Extending Base Entities
  •  Typelists
  • Subtypes
  • Overview of Gosu
  • Gosu Queries
  • Business Rules
  • Creating the New Pop-ups
  • Field-level validation
  • Dynamic Dropdowns
  • Enhancements
  • Dependent Dropdowns
  • Entity Names
  • Partial Page Update
  • GuideWire Integration
  • Gosu for Integration
  • Plugins Predefined
  • Gosu Bundles and Queries
  • Message Acknowledging and Sending
  • Integration Point Authentication
  • Batch Process
  • Integration Point Policy Retrieval
  • Claim Process+Intake
  • Claim Center Data Mode;
  • Claim File
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For Corporates

Guidewire Upcoming Batches

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    Guidewire Course Objectives

    The main objective of this GuideWire training is to make you an expert in streamlining the transaction process and reducing the utilization of IT workflow. It also enables us to manage the billing process, policy administration, and underwriting. Through our well-organized course curriculum, industry mentors, instructor-led live training, and training sessions, you can fast-track your career growth.

    There are no prerequisites to take this GuideWire training.

    This GuideWire training is suitable for IT developers, Business Analysts, and Quality Analysts. Anyone who wants to learn GuideWire can join this training.

    GuideWire is a dominant vendor in the insurance industry. The products of GuideWire are very popular in the Casualty and Property Insurance Industry. We can customize the GuideWire products as per the client’s requirements. More than 300 insurers of all sizes around the world have chosen GuideWire. So, the demand for GuideWire developers and architects is massive. According to, the average salary of a GuideWire developer in the US is around $135K per annum.

     During this GuideWire training, you will learn the following skills: 

    • Policy Transactions
    • Quotation Sets
    • ClaimCenter Functionality
    • Wizard Step Configuration
    • Transaction Approval Rules
    • Validation rules
    • Creating New Entities
    • Billing Center
    • Dependent Dropdowns
    • GuideWire Integration
    • Gosu
    • After completing this GuideWire training, you will be able to achieve your dream job. Following job roles are offered to GuideWire professionals:
    • GuideWire Developer
    • GuideWire Integration Application Developer
    • GuideWire BillingCenter Developer
    • GuideWire ClaimCenter Application Developer
    • GuideWire PC Config Developer
    • GuideWire PolicyCenter Application Developer
    • GuideWire Tester
    • GuideWire Digital Portals Application Developer
    • GuideWire ClaimCenter Configuration Developer

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    Guidewire Course FAQ's

    Have questions? We’ve got the answers. Get the details on how you can grow in this course.

    GuideWire is a collection of software aimed at casualty and property insurance markets. It has broad support for policy administration, insurance operation, claims management, billing, and underwriting.

    GuideWire ClaimCenter is a compliant online-based claims system for the casualty and property insurance industry. It supports throughout claims lifecycle management improvements.

    Following are the features of the GuideWire application configuration:

    • Creating new workflow types.

    • Creating new business processes and rules.

    • Implementing the security policies.

    • Modifying the application interface.

    GuideWire certification is designed to validate your conceptual understanding of product capabilities, features, and best practices. It is an excellent option for demonstrating your experience as a GuideWire professional.

    Following are the available certifications of GuideWire:

    • GuideWire Certified Professional 

    • GuideWire Certified Associate

    • GuideWire Certified Specialist

    • GuideWire Certified Ace


    Follow these steps to get GuideWire certification:

    • First, Join our GuideWire training to get a deep understanding of GuideWire products.
    • After that, work on some industry-based scenarios and projects to get real-time knowledge of GuideWire ClaimCenter, PolicyCenter, and BillingCenter.
    • Clear the GuideWire certification.

    TekSlate delivers the best practical-oriented training for both freshers and experienced professionals. It teaches you how to increase enterprise productivity and simplify the essential processes in the policy life cycle. We also provide 45hrs interactive training sessions, project assistance, self-paced videos, practical assignments, certification guidance, and simulation learning to help you clear the GuideWire certification.

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