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Gradient Origin in WPF

Gradient Origin

To Fill the colors in elliptically we use following properties with Radial Gradient Brush


Eg to fill the colors elliptically in a rectangle


Create a new window


Go to xaml source


write the following code within grid


<Rectangle height =”1—“ width=”200”>
<Radial Gradient Bruch Gradient origin = “0.5, 0.5”
center = “0.5, 0.5” Radius X = “0.5” Radius Y = “0.5”>
<Gradient stop color=”yellow” offset = “0”/>
<Gradientstop color = “Red” offset = “0.23”/>
<Gradientstop color = “blue” offset =”0.75/>
<Gradientstop color+ “lineGreen” offset+”1”/>
</Radial Gradient Brush>


Image brush:-

This is used to display the required image within the 2D graphic object like rectangle or ellipse etc.



Image Source  is the property which is used to display required image within the object


Eg With Image Brush:-

Create a new window


Go To Xaml-1 Source


Write the code in <Grid>
<Rectangle height =”100”, width = “100”>

<Image brush Imagesource = “Fl.Jpg”/>
</Image Brush>


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