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06 October, 2020


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The command-line utility has pre-build commands for interacting with the internal API endpoints of the Docker Index. Endpoints for managing user access levels for various namespaces and repos, this is a critical component in managing your private registry/index.

Docker Index

The Docker Index is available at, it is also a trusted build available by using docker pull ekristen/docker-index (


Docker Index (

This is currently the tool to manage the project. This tool requires that you have a .dockercfg file as it is used to determine which indexes you have configured and it uses the username and password combination to authenticate to the docker-index management API URLs.

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From NPM Registry (Preferred)

npm install -g docker-index-cli

From Git

npm install -g ekristen/docker-index-cli



This will return a list of users that are in the index database. These users will have various levels of access to namespaces and repositories.

Usage: docker-index listUsers <index>


This will return basic information about a user including whether or not the account is disabled and all their permissions.

Usage: docker-index getUser <user>@<index>

enable user

This will enable a user in the index. The docker index has a private mode that will disable users by default when they log in for the first time against the index. Use this function to unblock the account.

Usage: docker-index enableUser <user>@<index>

disable User

This will disable a user in the index. The account remains, and so does the permission set, but this will trigger an error any time the account is used against the register or the index.

Usage: docker-index disableUser <user>@<index>

list Permissions

List all permissions associated with a user.

Usage: docker-index listPermissions <user>@<index>


Add an additional permission to a user.

Usage: docker-index addPermission <user>@<index>/<repo> <permission>

remove Permission

Remove permission from a user.

Usage: docker-index removePermission <user>@<index>/<repo>

list Indices

This will inspect the .dockercfg for your user and list what indexes/registries you have authenticated against.

Usage: docker-index listIndices

This will list all images that have been pushed to the index.

Usage: docker-index listImages <namespace>


Removed in Version 1.0.0

Add a user to the index, once the user has been added permissions can be managed for the user.

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