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Cross Table Load

Cross Table Load

A cross table is a common type of table featuring a matrix of values between two or more orthogonal lists of header data, of which one is used as columnd headers. A typical example could be to have one column per month. To transform a cross table into a straight table, use a crosstable prefix. The result is that the column headers (e.g. month names) will be stored in one field – the attribute field – and the column data (month numbers) will be stored in a
second field: the data field.

The syntax is:
crosstable (attribute field name, data field name [ , n ] ) ( load statement | select statement )
Attribute field name is the field to contain the attribute values.

Data field name is the field to contain the data values.
n is the number of qualifier fields preceding the table to be transformed to generic form. Default is 1

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