Configuring Web Parts Target Audience

03 October, 2020


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Configuring WebParts

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 enables custom audience targeting for content and sites. The purpose is to define audiences and content that are relevant to a user or a group. As a server or site administrator, you can define audiences and content for a specific set of users or groups. The following steps will teach you how to complete the configuration.  

Step 1. Create two users in Active Directory which names are “test1″ and “test2″.


Step 2. Log in the SharePoint site with the administrator.

Step3. Go to Site Settings>Site collection features, start the “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure” feature, then go to “Site collection navigation” to check if “Enable audience targeting” is selected. 50 51

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Step 4. Go to Site Settings>Site Permission>Create Group, create a group named “testing group” whose permission level is Full control, then add “test1″ to this group. 53   54

Step 5. Go to Settings>Site Permission >Grant permissions, create a user named “test2″ whose permission level is Full control.


Step 6. Now let me take our product SharePoint Boost Password Reset web part as an example. In the webpart zone clicks Edit web part. In the Advanced section of the webpart tool pane add the “testing group” into the Target Audiences box and click OK. 56 57

Step 7. Log in SharePoint with “test1″ and “test 2″ respectively. You will see the difference below.

58 59  

When you log in SharePoint with “test1″, you will see the Password Reset web part, and when you log in SharePoint with “test2″, you will not see the web part. This shows we have set the target audience successfully.

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