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Code for Delete (button_click) (Manage Question) in

Code for Delete (button_click) (Manage Question)


cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure

cmd.CommandText = “Remove Question”

cmd.Parameters.Clear ()

cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue (“@ qid”, txtQuestionId.Text)

if cn.State = ConnectionState.Closed then

ex.Open ()

MessageBox.Show (“Question removed”, Me.Text)

ClearQuestion ()

Catch ex as Exception

MessageBox.Show (ex.Message, “Error”)

End try

Open UserForm (A new WINFORM)

Place pictureBox on Form

Set image = Select image (vb270 Online Examination)

Dock = Top

BackGround = White (Form)

Place a label Untitled Candidate Name



Select Combobox & select use Databound items

Choose vb270Category OE

Display Member: Category Name

Value Member: Category Id

// Code for Formload (Userform)

Untitled Under user form

lblCName.Text = logicForm

Above TakeExam_buttonClick

Public Shared examid as Integer

// For TakeExam btn

‘Take Exam (button_click)

Examid = cmbExam.SelectedValue

Dim ef as New ExamForm

Me.Hide ()

Ef.ShowDialog ()

Me.Dispose ()

// Code for close button_click





Place another Groupbox upon existing are

Place label 2nd Groupbox à Text

Text: Thank you for using vb270 Online Examination

Place label 2 on 2nd Groupbox

Please click on [finish] button to view results

For Groupbox2 – visible = false

For ExamForm_Load

Imports System.Data

Imports System.Data.SqlClient

– Under public class ExamForm

‘Form declarations

Dim cn as SqlConnection

Dim cmd as SqlCommand

Dim dr as SqlDataReader

Public Shared ds as DataSet



Cn = New Sql Connection (“user id = sa; password = 123; database = master; datasource = sekhar”)

Cmd = New SqlCommand

cmd.Connection = cn

cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text

cmd.CommandText = “Select * from vb270 QuestionsOE where category id=” & userFrom Examid

if cn.State = ConnectionState.closed then cn.Open ()

dr = cmd.ExecuteReader

ds = New Dataset

ds.Tables.Add (“User Response”)

ds.Tables (0).Columns.Add (“Question”)

ds.Tables (0).Columns.Add (“CorrectAnswer”)

ds.Tables (0).Columns.Add (“User Answer”)

ds.Tables (0).Columns.Add (“Status”)

Showquestion ()

Go to ‘Form declarations

Public Sub ShowQuestion ()

If dr.Read = True then

lblQuestion.Text = dr.Getvalue (1)

rbtOption1.Text = dr.GetValue (2)

rbtOption2.Text = dr.GetValue (3)

rbtOption3.Text = dr.GetValue (4)

rbtOption4.Text = dr.GetValue (5)


btnNext.Enabled = False

btnFinish.Enabled = True

GroupBoxQuestion.Visible = False

GroupBoxFinal.Visible = True

End if

End sub

// Code for ‘Next (button_click)

SetUserResponse ()

ShowQuestion ()

Again go to ‘Form declarations (exam form)

Public row SetUserResponse ()

Dim row as DataRow

row = ds.Tables (0).NewRow

row (0) = lblQuestion.Text

Select case dr.GetValue (6)

Case ls =1

Row (1) = rbtOption1.Text

Case ls = 2

Row (2) = rbtOption2.Text

Case ls = 3

Row (3) = rbtOption3.Text

Case ls = 4

Row (4) = rbtOption4.Text

End select

If rbtOption1.Checked then row (2) = rbtOption1.Text

If rbtOption2.Checked then row (2) = rbtOption2.Text

If rbtOption3.Checked then row (2) = rbtOption3.Text

If rbtOption4.Checked then row (2) = rbtOption4.Text

If row (1) = row (2) then

Row (3) = “Correct”


Row (3)

End if

ds.Tables (0).Rows.Add (row)

rbtOption1.Checked = False

rbtOption2.Checked = False

rbtOption3.Checked = False

rbtOption4.Checked = False

End sub


// Code for Finish_button

Dim rf as ResultsForm

Me.Hide ()

rf.ShowDialog ()

Me.Dispose ()

Project (menu) Untitled Add new form Untitled Results Form




‘Form Load (ResultsForm

lblName.Text = LoginForm.user

DataGridView1.DataSource = ExamForm.ds.Tables (0)

Dim totalQuestions, correctAnswers as Integer

totalQuestions = ExamForm.ds.Tables (0).Rows.Count

CorrectAnswers = 0

For r as Integer = 0 to

ExamForm.ds.Tables (0).Rows (r) (3) = “Correct” then

CorrectAnswers + = 1


Dim Percentage as integer

Percentage = (CorrectAnswers * 100) / totalQuestions

Lbl CandidateScore.Text = String.Format (“Candidate Score ({0} marks)”, percentage)

If percentage > = 85 then

Lbl Result.text = “Pass”

lblResult.FOreColor = Color.Green

loginForm.AxAgent1.Characters (“Merlin”).Play (“Announce”)

loginForm.AxAgent1.Characters (“Merlin”).Play (“Congratulate_2”)

loginForm.AxAgent1.Characters (“Merlin”).Speak(String.Format (“Congrts {0} you have passed”, lblName.Text))


lblResult.Text = “Fail”

lblResult.ForeColor = Color.Red

LoginForm.AxAgent1.Characters (“Merlin”).Play (“Sad”)

LoginForm.AxAgent1.Characters (“Merlin”).Speak (“Better luck next time” & lblName.Text)

End if

progressBarUsersCore.Value = Percentage



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