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Administrator in Data Stage


For a Specific project


Add create protected project


In, if we don’t have web console, In 8 we have wed console, and same permissions are given here Add check points.


Reporting the activities  that are requested by  the client at server .

How can you delete logs in Repository ?

Sol :- Auto purge  of Job logs.

RCP:-  Job properties  :-  Entire RCP

  • Enable Runtime column propagation 11Violating Mapping constraints According to Requirements

Data Quality



111 person data is stored in 3 different ways such a data is called Dirty Data.

11for,      Credit :  100 cores  * 100 customers  = 10, 000 cores

But here out of 100 %, only 60 % are unique customers

  • 100 = 6000 cores

114000 cores is the un necessary cost used.

àHere IBM comes in to picture  and says that pay me 1000 cores, using Data quality we eliminate remaining 40 %

11So, here using Data Quality , we are eliminating the Duplicate records.

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Reasons  for Dirty data

  1. lock of information Standards
  2. 1 field is used for Multiple

Data in a data base is after misplaced.

Data Redundancy

Data is required in to Systems, because the data entry mechanism is not aware that the original  record is already there.

To perform Data Quality , we have 4 stages :-





Survive Stage :-  Consolidate



Power of Data Quality in Result set

Rules set11For name

For address

For Social Security

EX :- for Name :-





View 11 Repository 11 Standardization    Rules11USA 11US NAME


EX :-




(c) Container –  Standardize



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