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TekSlate.com is striving to provide quality tutorials, articles, how to’s and interview questions in IT industry. We have wide range of tutorials on our site for Programming languages, Server Administration, Networks, ERP, Middle Ware, Testing, Big Data, Databases , Cloud Computing and hundreds of other IT products. If you are passionate about writing and would like to share your valuable contributions to us, please email us at info@tekslate.com.

Write once and Earn Forever

We at TekSlate believe that everybody should get a fare share of work what they do, so whatever the money that we generate using our work will be paid to you monthly. We keep very little to cover our hosting and operations costs. We make money through several advertising networks and such Google Adsense and many more. If you have your own Adsense account we will hook it up to all your posts that you have published with us. In this way, you can get paid directly to your account.  If you do not have Adsense account then at the end of every month we will write you a check for the earnings that you made for each month.

Our Process

We are looking for tutorials and how to guides anything related to IT industry. Each and every article that user submits is carefully reviewed by our Experts before publishing on our site. We do not post any restriction on content length as long as the content is of great quality, unique and helps readers to learn new things, we will publish it on our site.

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