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What is Teradata?

Teradata is a fully flexible relational database management system produced by Teradata Corp. it is generally used to regulate big data warehousing operations. The Teradata database system is placed on off-the-shelf symmetric multiprocessing technology connected with connecting symmetric multiprocessing systems, communication networking to form extensive parallel processing systems.

Why to attend Tekslate Online Training ?​

Classes are conducted by Certified Teradata Working Professionals with 100 % Quality Assurance.

With an experienced Certified practitioner who will teach you the essentials you need to know to kick-start your career on Teradata. Our training make you more productive with your Teradata Training Online. Our training style is entirely hands-on. We will provide access to our desktop screen and will be actively conducting hands-on labs with real-time projects.

Why to Opt Teradata Training?

  • Supports more warehouse data than all competitors combined.
  • Supports easy scalability from a small (10 GB) to a massive (100+TB) database.
  • Provides a query optimizer with approximately 20 years of experience in large-table query planning.
  • Does not require complex indexing schemes, complex data partitioning or time-consuming reorganizations.
  • Supports ad hoc querying against the detail data in the warehouse, not just summary data in a data mart.
  • Designed and built with parallelism from day one (not a parallel retrofit).
  • There are more than 250 1TB or larger warehouses in the field.

Teradata Advantages

  • Unlimited, Proven Scalability
  • Most Concurrent Users
  • Unlimited Parallelism – Parallel sorts/aggregations, temporary tables – “Shared-Nothing” architecture
  • Mature Optimizer – Complex queries, joins per query, ad-hoc processing
  • Model the Business – 3NF, robust view processing, star schema
  • Lowest TCO – ease of setup & maintenance, robust parallel utilities, no re-orgs, lowest disk to data ratio, robust expansion utility
  • High Availability – no single point of failure, scalable data loading, parallel load utilities


Teradata Training Course Curriculum

Teradata Introduction

What is Teradata?, Teradata versions, Teradata History, Teradata users scalability, Teradata &other RDBMS, Teradata warehouse, Teradata in the Enterprise, Interview Q&A and Certification queries, Real time Issues & resolving

Teradata Architecture & Components

Node Architecture(Shared Architecture), SMP Architecture, MPP Architecture, Parsing engine(PE) Architecture, AMP Architecture &uses, Bynet Benefits &types, Parallel data extension(PDE), Teradata directory Program(TDP), Call level interface(CLI), Trusted parallel application(TPA), Virtual processors, Bynet 0 &Bynet 1, Parallism Architecture

Recovery & Protection of Data

What is fall back &where it used, Why for fall back, What is Clique, AMP Clustering, Types for simultaneous Access, Why for locks &how to release, RAID 1 &RAID 5, Journals &types, Virtual Disk Array, How & where is used journals

Q & A about data recovery

Teradata Indexes

Types of indexes in Teradata, Hash index, Join index, Primary index(unique, non- unique), Secondary index(unique, non- unique), Skewness, Keys & indexes (How & why these used)

Storage & Retrieval of Data

Hash algorithm, Hash map, Hash bucket, Receiving VDisc

Teradata SQL 

SQL fundamentals, Data types and literals, DDL Statements, DML Statements, Teradata naming conversing

Teradata SQL, Functions, Operations

String functions, Format functions, Cast functions, Cast functions, Group & Aggregation functions, Logical operations, Arithmetic operations, Set operations, Join operations, Conditional expressions

Teradata Joins, Strategies & Unions

Hash join, Merge join, Nested join, Product join, Inner join, Left & right outer join, Full outer join

Teradata Basic Commands

Help, Show, Explain, Collect statistics

Teradata Objects

Types of tables, Set tables, Multi tables, Volatile tables, Global temporary tables, Views, Macros, Stored procedures, Triggers

Teradata Memory Spaces

Permanent spaces, Temporary spaces, Spool spaces, Users spaces & PWD

Teradata Transaction Codes

Batch mode, BTET mode, ANSI mode, How Converted into others

Teradata Performance Tuning

Usage of PMON, Explain usage, Collecting statistics, SQL Training, Various SQL statements, Real time Issues & resolving

Teradata Utilities

Teradata BTeq scripts, Overview of BTeq, Looping stages, Batches scripts, Import &export scripts with Examples, Error handling, Real time scripts, Teradata FastLoad, Types of phages & how to find it, Advantages & its process, Limitations of fast load, Real time scripts, Teradata MultiLoad, Overview of Multi load, Types of phages in MultiLoad, Advantages & its process, Limitations of MultiLoad, Uses various types of operations, Work on Multi tables, Real time scripts, Sample scripts, Teradata Tpump, Overview of Tpump, Limitations of Tpump, Work on Multi tables, Real time scripts, Sample scripts, Teradata Fast Export, How to export the data, Passing parameters, IN/OUT Modes, Teradata SQL Assistant(Quarryman), Teradata performance monitor, Teradata Administrator usage, Teradata performance tuning on scripts


Covering DBA concepts, Concentration on performance tuning, Real time scenarios, Certification guidance, Resume preparation, Sample resumes, Interview & certification FAQS, How to face the interview, Class notes which is useful for who is trying for job, Project preparation.

Teradata Basics

Teradata RDBMS is a complete relational database management system. The system is based on off-the-shelf Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) technology combined with a communication network connecting the SMP systems to form a Massively Parallel Processing (MMP) system. BYNET is a hardware inter-processor network to link SMP nodes. All processors in a same SMP node are connected by a virtual BYNET. We use the following figure to explain how each component in this DBMS works together.


PDE (Parallel Database Extensions)

This component is an interface layer on the top of operating system. Its functions include: executing vprocs (virtualprocessors), providing a parallel environment, scheduling sessions, debugging, etc. SQL query Result Table CLI TDP Parser Dispatcher Database Management System Teradata File System Disk Subsystem Client Server PDE BYNET Inter-Processor Network AMPs Database Engine Parsing Engine PEs 2

Teradata File System

It allows Teradata RDBMS to store and retrieve data regardless of low-level operating system interface.

PE (Parsing Engine)

Communicate with client Manage sessions Parse SQL statements Communicate with AMPs Return result to the client

AMP (Access Module Processor)

BYNET interface Manage database Interface to disk subsystem

CLI (Call Level Interface)

A SQL query is submitted and transferred in CLI packet format

TDP (Teradata Director Program)

Route the packets to the specified Teradata RDBMS server

Teradata RDBMS has the following components that support all data communication management –

Call Level Interface ( CLI )


Teradata Director Program ( TDP for channel attached client )

Micro TDP ( TDP for network attached client

Teradata Client Software

Teradata Client Software components include –

BTEQ Basic Teradata Query is a general-purpose program that you can use to submit data, commands and SQL statements to Teradata RDBMS.

C / COBOL / PL/I preprocessors If you use embedded SQL to develop client applications, you need these tools to precompile your programs.




Achieve/Restore data to/from tape (ASF2)

Queryman – Queryman is based on ODBC, you can logon through a DSN and enter any SQL statement to manipulate the data in database.




Open Teradata Backup (OTB)


Teradata Manager


All client components are based on CLI or ODBC or Both of them. So, once you install the client software, you should configure these two components appropriately before you execute these client utilities. Teradata RDBMS is able to support JDBC programs in both forms of application and applet. The client installation manual mentions that we need to install JDBC driver on client computers, and we also need to start a JDBC Gateway and Web server on database server. Teradata supports at least two types of JDBC drivers. The first type can be loaded locally and the second one should be downloadable. In either of two ways, to support your development, you need local JDBC driver or Web server / JDBC Gateway running on the same node on which Query Manager is running. But in the setup CD we received, there is no JDBC driver and any Java Development Tools. Moreover, Web server is not started on tour system yet.

Teradata Certifications

The TCPP maintains a comprehensive certification track designed to ensure Teradata professionals have the latest and greatest information to maintain currency on Teradata features and functionality.

  • Having a TCPP certification distinguishes you as an expert.
  • For TCPP certification, you need not go to a test center, as the certification is available online.
  • You need to register yourself at to give your Teradata Certified Professional Program (TCPP) Exam.

Exam Details:

Salary Trends

Average Teradata Salary in USA is increasing and is much better than other products.

Teradata Training


Average Teradata Salary in India.

Teradata Training


Benefits to our Global Learners

  • Tekslate services are Student-centered learning.
  • Qualitative & cost effective learning at your pace.
  • Geographical access to learn from any part of the world.

Teradata Certification Training in Your City

Teradata Training United States

Our trainers in US are certified and have in-depth knowledge regarding Teradata Concepts. Tekslate superior quality training is what makes us stand apart from others. Case studies are included in the curriculum of training programs irrespective of the mode you chose. You can avail training in your cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and more.

Teradata Training United Kingdom

For experienced professionals in UK, special batches are conducted in different timings. Customized approach to imparting training has made us different from others. You can clarify your doubts after completing the class. You can avail training in your cities like London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and more.

Teradata Training Canada

There are many companies that offer Teradata training in Canada. Our Teradata course provides basic understanding about the introduction and overview. It is the course that can be educate right from the beginner to the intermediate and advanced level. Teradata Training is provided by Real Time Industry Experts who has huge subject knowledge, skills and enhances the skills of students in the best way. You can avail training in your cities like Montreal, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Ottawa and more.

Teradata Training India

Tekslate provides instructor-led live online training and corporate training. Teradata Training provides you hands on real-time project experience. Our Teradata trainers are certified industry experts and work professionals. We provide customized training for beginners as well working professionals.

  • Teradata Training in Hyderabad – We at TekSlate offer interactively designed Teradata training. The Teradata Training course design in Hyderabad aims not only imparting theoretical concepts, but also aid students explore and experiment the subject. By the end of our training program, students can confidently update their profiles with knowledge and Hands on experience.
  • Teradata Training in Bangalore – TekSlate masters in IT Online Training services. We are aware of industry needs and we are offering Teradata Training in Bangalore in a more practical way. We guarantee efficient training offered by real-time experts in the industry.
  • Teradata Training in Chennai – TekSlate is one of the top-ranked Institute in Teradata training in Chennai. We provide best quality training for Teradata online with well-experienced professionals. Our unique blend of hands-on training enables students with the productive skills to improve their performance.
  • Teradata Training in Pune – TekSlate offers Instructor-led online training by Top-Notch Trainers in Pune. Every session will be recorded and provided to you for future reference. Good quality Material will help students explore the subject confidently.
  • Teradata Training in Mumbai – TekSlate offers best Teradata Training in Mumbai with most experienced professionals. Our Instructors are working professionals in the related technologies. Our team of trainers provides training services in a practical way with a framed syllabus to match with the real world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level.
  • Teradata Training in Delhi – Teradata Training helps you to develop your IT skills through our wide variant training curricula. TekSlate in Delhi has immense experienced real-time professionals having years of experience. Our training program is very much mixed with both practical and interview point of questions to achieve the expertise in the subject.

Teradata Tutorials

We have compiled a Teradat tutorials which can be useful for the learner while preparing for the exam. It includes topics on Objects, tables, hierarchy of databases, architecture etc in Teradata.


What Are The Modes Of Training?

Tekslate basically offers the online instructor-led training. Apart from that we also provide corporate training for enterprises.

Who Are The Trainers?

Our trainers have relevant experience in implementing real-time solutions on different queries related to different topics. Tekslate also verifies their technical background and expertise.

What If I Miss A Class?

We record each LIVE class session you undergo through and we will share the recordings of each session/class.

Can I Request For A Support Session If I Find Difficulty In Grasping Topics?

If you have any queries you can contact our 24/7 dedicated support to raise a ticket. We provide you email support and solution to your queries. If the query is not resolved by email we can arrange for a one-on-one session with our trainers.

What Kind Of Projects Will I Be Working On As Part Of The Training?

You will work on real world projects wherein you can apply your knowledge and skills that you acquired through our training. We have multiple projects that thoroughly test your skills and knowledge of various aspect and components making you perfectly industry-ready.

How Will I Execute The Practical?

Our Trainers will provide the Environment/Server Access to the students and we ensure practical real-time experience and training by providing all the utilities required for the in-depth understanding of the course.

If I Cancel My Enrollment, Will I Get The Refund?

If you are enrolled in classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be attained within 48 hours of initial registration. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of prior request.

Will I Be Working On A Project?

The Training itself is Real-time Project Oriented.

Are These Classes Conducted Via Live Online Streaming?

Yes. All the training sessions are LIVE Online Streaming using either through WebEx or GoToMeeting, thus promoting one-on-one trainer student Interaction.

Is There Any Offer / Discount I Can Avail?

There are some Group discounts available if the participants are more than 2.

Who Are Our Customers & Our Location?

As we are one of the leading providers of Online training, We have customers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India and other parts of the world.

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    Teradata flashifies its data warehousing container

    Date: 24.07.2017

    Adds entry-stage product, help for Hadoop and its very own DW.BI software. Data warehousing and enterprise intelligencer Teradata has an all-flash Intelliflex product and a equipped-to-run entry-level IntelliBase offering.

    Intelliflex is Teradata’s flagship enterprise data warehouse platform. Teradata appointed a brand new CEO, Victor Lund, in may closing yr to revitalise its fortunes after prior missteps, and those two bulletins are evidence of his work.

    Dual 18-core Intel Xeon CPUs – Up to fourteen active nodes, 230TB of uncompressed user information, and 14TB of memory in a single cabinet. It could run data warehouse analytics up to 4.5 times faster than before. Each products are offered on-premises, and with its incoming IntelliCloud, and going for walks the same database software so customers can get a hybrid Teradata revel in.


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