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Struts web framework is a free open-source solution for creating Java web applications. It provides various components that can be used to develop MVC based web applications that are easy to develop and maintain.

Struts Training Curriculum

Struts Architecture

MVC and Model 2, Command Pattern, Struts Framework, More XML, Less Java!, Action Mappings, JavaBeans in Struts, Working with Forms, Validation, Presentation Technology, Tiles.

Action Mappings

Command Pattern for Web Applications, ActionServlet, Action, ActionMappings, Struts Configuration, Selecting a Forward, Global Forwards, Global Exception Handlers, Declarative Exception Handling.


Working with HTML Forms, Action Forms (Form Beans), Relationship to Input, Relationship to Actions, Relationship to the Model, Relationship to Output, DynaActionForm and Map-Backed Forms, Validation, Coarse-Grained Form Beans.

Struts Tag Libraries

Building View Components, Struts Tag Libraries, Attributes and Struts Expressions, Building Forms, Forms and Form Beans, Scope and Duration of Form Data, Managing Hyperlinks, Error Messages, Logic Tags.

The JSP Standard Tag Library

JSTL Overview, JSP Expression Language, Core Tags, Formatting Tags, XML Tags, SQL Tags, Mixing JSTL, EL, Scripts and Actions.

Internationalization And Localization

i18n in Java, i18n in Actions, i18n in JSTL, i18n in Validation

Input Validation

Validation in Web Applications, Validation in Struts, The Struts Validator Plug-In, Validating ActionForm Subtypes, Configuring Validation, Standard Validators, Rules, Reporting Errors, Multi-Page Validation, Client-Side Validation, Limitations on the Client Side, Implementing a Validator, Implementing ActionForm.validate.

Advanced Configuration

Struts Configuration in Depth, Wildcards, Extensions, The Configuration Object Model, Subclasses, Plug-Ins, Integrating Other Frameworks, Role-Based Security, Chaining Actions, The ComposableRequestProcessor Class, Configuring Command Chains, Modules.

Under The Hood

Global Objects, Specialized Struts Actions, The Utility Package, The Commons BeanUtils Class, Form Beans as Adapters to the Business Tier, Reusing Validation Rules, Graceful Validation.


Consistent Look and Feel, Reusable Layouts and Content, The Tiles Framework, Instantiating Layouts, Body-Wrap Insertions, Tiles and Stylesheets, Working with Tiles Attributes, The Tiles Context, Definitions, Aggregation and Inheritance, The Tiles Plug-In, Forwarding to Definitions, Performance Considerations, Appendix B: Quick Reference.

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